Please note that the following forms have been designed to be computer friendly. We therefore ask you to fulfil all details on your computer and send it via email to Aude Barby.


Technical Delegate Report

Foreign Judge Report

Chief Steward Report  

FEI Driving World Cup - Ground Jury President Report

Application form for Transfer

Please note that the FEI doesn't require registration forms for Courses. Instead, National Federations are kindly requested to register their participants directly on the FEI Database.

Instructions on how to register FEI Officials for Courses on the FEI Database are available here.

The below document needs to be filled and sent to Aude Barby only when an Official has obtained all the requirements as per the FEI Driving Education System.

Application form for Transfer

Course Director Report

Available at this page.



Shadow Judging Forms

Shadow Judging Assessment

Shadow Judging Guidelines