Dressage - Education System

About the Education System in Dressage

This section provides an overview of the structure of education.

The documents outline the possible pathways available to International Officials within the FEI. They explain the various levels of education and corresponding requirements for courses, seminars and promotion.

The following information can also be found:

- Course/Seminar structures
- Examination and marking criteria
- Criteria to remain listed

The document also clarifies the transition from any national education system to the international level of the FEI. National Federations with existing national education systems are welcome to discuss the harmonisation of their systems with the systems of the FEI.

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Course Organisation

All FEI Courses and Seminars are organised under the responsibility of the FEI. Therefore all FEI courses and seminars require FEI approval.

National Federations should communicate their need for the education of officials to the FEI. Based on this feedback, the FEI will study the possibility of organising courses and seminars in the relevant geographical region.

The FEI and National Federations will jointly identify an organiser and venue and start the organisation process.

Guidelines for Course/Seminar Organisation will be published soon. This document will identify the following:

- Course application procedure
- National Federation responsibilities
- FEI responsibilities
- Course Directors responsibilities
- Timelines