FEI SF 2021 - Session 4: Vaulting Rules Revision

Session 4: FEI Vaulting Rules Revision
Wednesday 2 June, 14:00 CEST

The proposed modifications to the FEI Vaulting Rules, which are undergoing a full revision in 2021 as part of the quadrennial Rules Revision policy, were the subject of the second session of the day.
FEI Vaulting Committee Chair Pavla Krauspe (SVK) provided an overview of the Committee’s key proposals for rules amendments aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the discipline.
In her presentation, Pavla Krauspe informed participants of the main changes to the Nations team format for FEI Championships, as well as the medal events for Individual and Squad. She also spoke about the Young Vaulters Championships, which aim to provide a better transition between Junior and Senior competition levels, increase the number of athletes and draw more spectators to the discipline.
She also spoke about changes to the calculation of scores and the Equipment Rules, as well as proposed changes to the Officials Ratings to align with the FEI General Regulations so that star ratings will be replaced with Levels throughout all Officials roles.
FEI Vaulting Committee member Anita Flamand (SUI) then presented the Committee’s new concept of Free Test scoring, aimed at improving transparency, accuracy, consistency, flexibility and continuity in the scoring process. This new structure will be applied to all competitions including Pas-de-Deux and Squads.
There were no questions on the proposed modifications to the FEI Vaulting Rules during the Q&A session.
Following this session, and ongoing consultation with the community, the FEI will prepare and publish the first draft of the proposed Vaulting Rules changes on 12 July 2021. National Federations and Memorandum of Understaing (MOU) signatories will then have seven weeks to review the first draft to make comments and/or propose any changes. The final draft of the Rules will be published on 17 October prior to being put to the vote at the FEI General Assembly in November.

Presenters: Pavla Krauspe (SVK), Chair, FEI Vaulting Committee, FEI Board Member, Anita Flamand (SUI), Member, FEI Vaulting Committee & Bettina De Rahm (FEI HQ), Director, Dressage, Para Dressage, Vaulting, Reining




KEY DATES The key dates for the FEI Vaulting Rules revision 2021 are as follows:
1 March 2021 Deadline for National Federations and Stakeholders with whom the FEI has signed an MOU to propose Rules changes as per the FEI Periodical Rules Revision Policy.
12 July 2021 The FEI will provide National Federations and Stakeholders with the 1st Draft of proposed Rules changes.

30 August 2021

National Federations and Stakeholders are given seven weeks to review the 1st Draft and the proposed amendments lay down in this 1st Draft and make comments and/or propose any changes in relation to the amendments referenced in the 1st Draft only.

17 October 2021 Final Draft of the proposed Rules changes to be provided to National Federations and Stakeholders. 
13 November 2021 Rules Session.
14 November 2021 Voting of Rules at the General Assembly.