FEI SF 2021 - Session 5: Driving Rules Revision

Session 5: FEI Driving Rules Revision
Wednesday 2 June, 15:15 CEST
The proposed modifications to the FEI Driving Rules were the subject of the last session of the FEI Online Sports Forum 2021. The discussions were part of the FEI quadrennial Rules Revision process, which see the FEI Driving Rules undergo a full review in 2021.
Károly Fugli (HUN), Chair of the FEI Driving Committee and FEI Board Member, introduced the Committee’s proposals for changing the FEI Driving scoring system for the Driven Dressage, Marathon and Cones. Jeroen Houterman (NED), member of the FEI Driving Committee, then provided an overview of the proposed changes to the horse inspection process at FEI Driving Events. He later explained the differences between the 2* and 3* Events that will include fewer obstacles and lower speeds in the marathon competitions.
FEI Driving Director Manuel Bandeira de Mello explained the new requirements for Officials at FEI Events, which have been proposed by the Committee to encourage the organisation of more CAI 3* Events.

Q&A Session
The French Federation offered to test the new scoring system at the CAI in Le Pin au Haras (FRA) in July, which would give the opportunity for National Federations to assess the proposed system during an Event and provide their feedback as part of the Rules revision process. Károly Fugli noted the offer and will put it to the FEI Driving Committee for consideration.
Károly Fugli also confirmed that proposed amendments to starting orders, entries for championships, and obstacles in the Marathon will be included in the full Rules Revision. He also noted a suggestion from the French Federation representative for consideration of an additional proposal for the Cones format for the FEI Driving Rules.
During the discussions, panellists provided clarifications on Dressage penalties, as well as time allowed and starts in the Marathon and Cones competitions. The discussion also highlighted the importance of the additional unharnessed horse inspections which are focused on the welfare of the horse.
Based on the feedback from the session, and ongoing consultation with the community, the FEI will prepare and publish the first draft of the proposed Driving Rule changes on 12 July 2021. National Federations and MOU stakeholders will then have seven weeks to review the first draft to make comments and/or propose any changes, prior to the publication of the final draft on 17 October. The Driving Rules will then be voted on at the FEI General Assembly in November.

Presenters: Károly Fugli (HUN), Chair, FEI Driving Committee, FEI Board Member, Jeroen Houterman (NED), Member, FEI Driving Technical Committee, Manuel Bandeira de Mello (FEI HQ), FEI Driving Director.




KEY DATES The key dates for the FEI Driving Rules revision 2021 are as follows:
1 March 2021 Deadline for National Federations and Stakeholders with whom the FEI has signed an MOU to propose Rules changes as per the FEI Periodical Rules Revision Policy.
12 July 2021 The FEI will provide National Federations and Stakeholders with the 1st Draft of proposed Rules changes.

30 August 2021

National Federations and Stakeholders are given seven weeks to review the 1st Draft and the proposed amendments lay down in this 1st Draft and make comments and/or propose any changes in relation to the amendments referenced in the 1st Draft only.

17 October 2021 Final Draft of the proposed Rules changes to be provided to National Federations and Stakeholders. 
13 November 2021 Rules Session.
14 November 2021 Voting of Rules at the General Assembly.