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All National Federations are encouraged to actively take part in these sessions, which are structured to allow all delegates to contribute and provide their input and comments.

FEI Sessions - 21 November 2020
Rules proposals that will be voted on are included in the Agenda for the FEI General Assembly and will be supported by relevant annexes. These documents were published on 26 October 2020 (click here).

Session 1: Anti-Doping Rules (Equine & Human)

Presentation by Mikael Rentsch, FEI Legal Director and Áine Power, FEI Deputy Legal Director

Session 2: Other Rules

Presentation by Mikael Rentsch, FEI Legal Director

Wrap-up of the two sessions, click here.
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© FEI / Richard Juilliart
1st row: (from left to right) Áine Power, FEI Legal Deputy Director & Mikael Rentsch, FEI Legal Director // Gaspard Dufour, Director IT & Sports Technology // Jérôme Begey, IT Business Analyst.
2nd row: (from left to right) Deborah Riplinger, FEI Interim Director Jumping // Catrin Norinder, FEI Eventing & Olympic Director // Bettina De Rham, FEI Dressage, Para Equestrian, Vaulting & Reining Director. 3rd row: from left to right) Manuel Bandeira de Mello, FEI Endurance & Driving Director // Frank Spadinger, FEI Education & Officials Director // Göran Äkerström, FEI Veterinary Director