FEI Jumping World Challenge - Season 2024


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Starting 2024 and onwards, all rankings linked to the FEI Jumping World Challenge will be published directly on the World Challenges platform. This includes the National, Regional and World Rankings.


This update implies a few changes since rankings will now be automated and no longer done manually. These changes are:


  • National Rankings: National Rankings will include ALL Athletes registered in the Challenge Platform for the NF in question. This means that if an Athlete competes in another country, his/her results will no longer appear in the host country’s National rankings but in the Athlete’s NF’s National rankings. As a consequence, National rankings may be updated throughout the year and rankings places might change.

       Furthermore, National Rankings will only include combinations that fulfilled the conditions laid down in

       Art. 8.1 and 8.2.


  • “Non-Challenge” Athletes: Athletes from a “Non-Challenge National Federation” (refer to Art. 1.1 and 3.10) will only appear in the World Rankings.


  • All Rankings: As previously stated rankings will be updated throughout the year and consequently placings will change. The Final rankings will be available after all 2024 competitions have been validated (normally by the end of January 2025 at the latest).