Risk Management Steering Group (RMSG)

Risk Management Steering Group Terms of Reference:
  • Investigation of new ways to reduce horse falls. Identifying factors that decrease serious injuries to athletes and horses
  • Coordination and communication of ideas, efforts and research studies around the world relating to Risk Management
  • Ensure worldwide communication and sharing of information and the FEI to be the point of contact for research ideas
  • Review of roles, responsibilities and education system of Officials
  • Review Athlete education and equipment
  • Review of fence design changes
  • Evaluation of statistical analysis gathered to date (e.g. athlete qualifications, athlete performance history)
  • Review of Horse qualifications and HFIs
  • FEI Safety Officer (ISO) role is the responsibility of the RMSG
  • Investigation Committee in case of serious incidents
Risk Management Steering Group (RMSG) Members:

Geoff Sinclair


Chair and Technical Delegate (Level 3)

Laurent Bousquet



Jonathan Holling


Athlete and USA NSO

Gert Naber


Technical Delegate (Level 3), NED NSO, NED NF

Dave Vos


Athlete and Scientist

Stuart Buntine


Course Designer (Level 3), Technical Delegate (Level 3)