FEI WBFSH Eventing World Breeding Championship for Young Horses

Venue Information
Date Le Lion d'Angers (FRA)
Venue 20 - 23 October 2022
Event official website Mondial du Lion
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Qualifications Information
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Nominated Entries

List of Nominated Entries for 6yo

List of Nominated Entries for 7yo

26 September 2022

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Definite Entries

List of Definite Entries 6yo

List of Definite Entries 7yo

10 October 2022

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2022 Champions
6 years old Thomas Carlile (FRA) /Golden de Béliard AA
Studbook 6 years old AA - Association Nationale Anglo-Arabe (ANAA)
7 years old Anna Lena Schaaf (GER) / Lagona Old  
Studbook 7 years old Springpferdezuchtverband Oldenburg-International e.V (OS)
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