Dressage & Para Dressage Useful Documents
Dressage Judging Manual You will be re-directed to the FEI Dressage Rules page
Judges Supervisory Panel - Job Description Published 01/09/2015 - Updated 16/10/2019
Judges Supervisory Panel - Technical Requirements Published 02/07/2015
Judging Advisory Group - Judges Supervisory Panel - FEI Dressage Technical Committee tasks Published 04/02/2022
Dressage Task Force - Final Report Published 16/10/2009
Dressage Judging Working Group - Final Report Published 08/11/2018 - Updated 20/11/2018
Grand Prix Special to Music - Background Music Guidelines Published 16/05/2019 - Updated 18/03/2021
Criteria for the allocation of the FEI Dressage Wild Card Published 19/11/2015 - Updated 08/11/2023
Object and General Principles of Para Dressage You will be redirected to the FEI Para Dressage Rules page.

Guidelines for the Marking of Fundamental Mistakes in Para Dressage Movements

Published 02/10/2017 - Updated 15/02/2023

Directives for Collective Mark 2023

Published 15/02/2023
Directives for Para Dressage Judges - Freestyle Tests Published 01/11/2019
Directives for Marking of Omissions and Incorrect Executions in Para Dressage Freestyle Tests Published 02/10/2017 - Updated 21/12/2018
Tack and Equipment Information
Memo on Safety Stirrups Published 09/04/2019
Guidelines for the use of technical devices at FEI Dressage events Published 10/05/2019