Dressage & Para Dressage Useful Documents
Dressage Judging Guidelines, Directives and Information
Object and General Principles of Dressage and Para Dressage Guidelines Published 21/11/2022
Guidelines for the Marking of Fundamental Mistakes in Dressage Movements Published 19/04/2017
Guidelines on the relationship between the Walk and the Paces Published 25/07/2013
Guidelines for the Evaluation of Pirouettes, the Contact and Mouth Problems Published 01/07/2011
Guidelines for the Evaluation of Piaffe in Intermediate A and B Published 08/04/2014
Guidelines for the Evaluation of Piaffe, Transitions and the Walk Published 06/04/2011 - Updated 25/07/2013
Guidelines for the Grand Prix Special to Music - Background Music Published 16/05/2019 - Updated 18/03/2021
Guidelines for Judging the "Quality of Riding" Mark in Children Competitions Published 09/03/2020
Directives for Dressage Judges - Freestyle Tests Published 01/01/2016 - Updated 20/01/2021
Directives for Assessing the Degree of Difficulty in a Freestyle Test Published 11/03/2009 - Updated 26/01/2016
Directives for Marking of Omissions and Incorrect Execution in Freestyle Tests Published 19/04/2017 - Updated 20/01/2021
Directives for Dressage Competitions for Children Published 13/01/2020
Directives for Dressage Competitions for 5, 6 and 7-year old Horses Effective from 01/01/2019
Judges Supervisory Panel - Job Description Published 01/09/2015 - Updated 16/10/2019
Judges Supervisory Panel - Technical Requirements Published 02/07/2015

Judges Supervisory Panel - Technical Requirements as per FEI Board decision for 2022 exceptional cases

Published 08/12/2021
Judging Advisory Group - Judges Supervisory Panel - FEI Dressage Technical Committee tasks Published 04/02/2022
Dressage Task Force - Final Report Published 16/10/2009
Dressage Judging Working Group - Final Report Published 08/11/2018 - Updated 20/11/2018
Tack and Equipment Information
Memo on Safety Stirrups Published 09/04/2019
Guidelines for the use of technical devices at FEI Dressage events Published 10/05/2019
Other Useful Information
FEI Dressage Handbook - Order Form  
Criteria for allocation of FEI Dressage Wild Card Published 19/11/2015 - Updated 21/09/2018