Other Useful Dressage Documents  

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Para Dressage Judging Guidelines and Information
Guidelines for the Marking of Fundamental Mistakes in Para-Equestrian Dressage Movements(02 October 2017)
Directives for the Marking of Omissions and Incorrect Executions in Para-Equestrian Freestlye Tests(11 December 2017)


Tack and Equipment Information
Art 427 - Approved Dress Colours(updated 16 May 2013)
Procedure for the Request to use False Tail / Tail Extension(21 August 2014)
Dressage Equipment Approval Process and Form(update 30 July 2018) *3 December 2018No longer in use
Summary of Approved or Not Permitted Equipment for FEI Dressage Events(update - 30 July 2018) valid until 31 December 2018


Other Useful Information
Dressage Handbook - Order Form(Seventh Print Edition May 2018)
Criteria for allocation of FEI Dressage Wild Card(updated 21 September 2018)