The FEI’s brand identity is an extremely valuable asset. The FEI’s appearance on screen, in print, at events and digitally, forms its public face. Together, these brand applications influence the way the FEI is perceived by the National Federations, organisers, sponsors, riders, the media and the public. The FEI aims to maximise the impact and the value of its identity by presenting a modern, professional and consistent public face that is strongly and uniquely FEI’s.

The ambitious sport and commercial objectives of the FEI require a strong and recognisable brand. It is defined and communicated through the following core values:

FEI Brand Core Values

♦  Horse First: The welfare of the horse is our top priority
♦  Perform as one: A unique sporting partnership built on mutual trust and respect
♦  Fair and equal: A universal and level playing field for men and women of all ages to compete together in a safe environment from grassroots to the world stage
♦  For today and tomorrow: Meeting the needs of today without compromising tomorrow

FEI Brand Guidelines

The FEI has developed brand guidelines which compile and detail all of the necessary information. All FEI stakeholders and FEI partners should always use the FEI brands according to the FEI Brand Guidelines. These guidelines can be found here  (Updated November 2023)

For your convenience, you can also download the FEI logo in the most commonly used formats from the links/images below.

Please note that all and any item bearing any FEI mark or logo necessarily needs written FEI approval.

   Contact: For any enquiries concerning the FEI brand and the usage of any FEI marks or logos, please contact the FEI Commercial Department.