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17 Jan 2019
Final FEI Endurance Rankings 2018

We are pleased to communicate the name of the winners of the FEI Endurance Rankings 2018.
(also available here: http://www.fei.org/rankings#ranking-E


FEI Endurance Open Riders World Ranking

RankFEI IDAthleteNFPoints
110054553AL MARRI, Abdulla GhanimUAE2239
110093059AL KITBI, Salem Hamad Saeed MalhoofUAE2239
310092314ALMAZROUEI, Saif Ahmed Mohammed AliUAE2153


FEI Endurance Open Combination World Ranking

RankFEI IDAthleteFEI IDHorseNFPoints


FEI Endurance Open Horse World Ranking

RankFEI IDHorsePoints


FEI Endurance Young Riders World Ranking

RankFEI IDAthleteNFPoints
110114231SANCHEZ, CamilaARG1904
210115927BERRIEL, PaulinaURU1732
310116756GALLI, ValentinaITA1283


FEI Endurance Young Riders Combination World Ranking

RankFEI IDAthleteFEI IDHorseNFPoints
110134390MAGAN, Carla104ZU00 SEMINOLE WIND FRA294


FEI Endurance Young Riders Horse World Ranking

RankFEI IDHorsePoints
1105PD21 FORTUNA X R 302



16 Jan 2019
FEI Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations - Impact on Endurance

Dear Endurance Community,

The updated FEI Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations effective as of 1 January 2019, as approved by the last FEI General Assembly, will have an important impact on the endurance discipline. An automatic provisional suspension of the registered trainers in banned substance cases and in cases with two or more controlled medication substances has been implemented since then. This will not only effect the trainers themselves but will also have an indirect impact on athletes, owners and other support personnel.
The athlete remains the person responsible for the rule violation and a provisional suspension and other applicable sanctions will be imposed accordingly, as it was already established with the previous rules.
In light of the rule changes, we have prepared this letter with the most essential “need-to-know” information for registered trainers in the endurance discipline.
Should you have any questions please contact Anna Thorstenson or Ana Kricej.

21 Dec 2018
FEI Endurance Rules

At present, the FEI Endurance Rules define a Catastrophic Injury as one requiring euthanasia. Sanctions are applied on the basis of the owner agreeing to the horse being euthanised and can be avoided if euthanasia is refused with obvious serious welfare consequences for the horse. The Endurance Temporary Committee discussed this serious issue during their meeting on the 12 December and has proposed that, in addition to catastrophic injury, the sanction would also apply when there is a “Severe Injury” of the horse.

In order to protect the welfare of the horse, the FEI Board unanimously approved during their teleconference of 19 December 2018 the following modification to Article 815.3 of the Endurance rules which can be found here. This change would become effective as of 1 February 2019.

Please take note that in keeping with FEI Statutes Art. 20.3, the FEI Board may pass resolutions which are normally the prerogatives of the General Assembly. In such cases, the National Federations are promptly notified. If a majority of the National Federations eligible to vote, respond within thirty (30) days of the date of the notice, signifies its disapproval, the measure shall be rescinded if possible.

In addition, as the Endurance Temporary Committee continues working on its proposals for Endurance Rule changes for 2020, which will be discussed at the FEI Sports Forum next April, the FEI will actively reach out to Organisers to test the implementation of modified Heart Rates and presentation times in order to gather valuable information that will be presented as part of the Endurance discussions at the Sports Forum.

Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact Marc Chovelon at marc.chovelon@fei.org or Aude Barby at aude.barby@fei.org

18 Dec 2018
New Course Application System

Dear National Federations and Officials,
The Endurance Department is pleased to advise the latest changes in the administration of Endurance Courses for FEI Officials. Please find all the documentation related to the new courses here.
The new system will be implemented in 2020.
Should you have any question regarding the new administration of Endurance courses, please contact Anna Orgeas at anna.orgeas@fei.org

22 Nov 2018
ECIU findings - FEI World Equestrian Games™

The independent Equestrian Community Integrity Unit (ECIU) has been mandated by the FEI to investigate the events surrounding the Endurance Championships that took place at the FEI World Equestrian GamesTM. The Unit presented its report at the FEI General Assembly 2019.

To read the article, please click here.


22 Nov 2018
Endurance Temporary Technical Committee

The FEI Bureau has set up a Temporary Committee with a remit to urgently assess the issues currently affecting the sport of Endurance and carry out an in-depth review of the rules in order to identify the most effective way of bringing the discipline back to its original roots of Endurance riding as opposed to Endurance racing, with horse welfare and horsemanship at its core, while still maintaining the competitive aspect of the sport.

To learn more about the Endurance Temporary Technical Committee, please click here.


22 Nov 2018
FEI Officials age limit

Dear Officials,


Please note that the age limit system will be replaced by a competency based evaluation system, as per the recommendation of the Officials Working Group.

FEI Officials reaching the relevant age limit as of 2018 may apply to continue officiating providing they have been active for the past two years, their application is supported by their National Federation and they are in good-standing with the FEI.

The FEI Secretary General, in consultation with the relevant Discipline Director and Chair of Technical Committee, will review applications on a case by case basis. FEI Officials who retired in 2017 or before may only re-apply once the competency-based assessment has been implemented.


Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact Anna Orgeas at anna.orgeas@fei.org


10 Jul 2018
2018 ESPG Recommendations

The FEI Endurance Technical Committee and the FEI Endurance department are pleased to share the follow up on the 41 recommendations from the Endurance Strategic Planning Group (ESPG).


10 Jul 2018
WEG Nominated Entries

Reminder – Nominated Entries WEG        

Dear National Federations,

We remind you that the nominated entry dates for the Endurance discipline is sets on the 13th July 2018 while for the other FEI discipline it will be on the 13th August.

Do not forget, for the National Federation concerned with their participation in the Endurance Event, to complete your Nominated Entries by this delay and send to the FEI Endurance Department the Certificate of Capability dully completed, signed and stamped by the National Federation.

Thank you.

26 Jun 2018
Endurance - Yellow & Incorrect behaviour cards
The Endurance Department with the support of the Legal Department, has created the Endurance Yellow Warning Card
From now on, all FEI Endurance Officials shall use this new card. 
For any case of Incorrect behaviour, all FEI Endurance Officials shall only use the Incorrect Behaviour Card
For more information and to download both cards, please click on this link: https://inside.fei.org/fei/your-role/athletes/warning-cards