2019 FEI Endurance Rules

Friday, February 1, 2019

Dear Endurance Community,

We remind you that the 2019 FEI Endurance Rules are being enforced from today.

The modifications include the "Severe Injury", as per Art. 815.3.7 of the FEI Endurance Rules:

"If a Horse ridden by an Athlete suffers a Severe Injury and/or a Catastrophic Injury within 12 months of a Severe Injury and/or a Catastrophic Injury occurring to any previous Horse ridden by that same Athlete that Athlete, will be automatically suspended for six months.
1. Catastrophic injury is defined as an injury which, in the opinion of the Veterinary Commission, requires immediate euthanasia or contributes to the death of a Horse in Competition howsoever caused.
2- Severe Injury is defined as:
I) A Musculoskeletal (fracture, serious tendon, ligament, or muscle) Injury or;
II) Metabolic Injury (serious colic, acute kidney injury, myopathy that fails to respond to treatment) or;
III) Other condition that, in the opinion of the Treating Veterinarian, Foreign Veterinary Delegate, and President of the Veterinary Commission, requires further assessment and continued appropriate veterinary care beyond the period of competition."

To correctly represent the reason for the Severe Injury in the FEI Endurance results, three results codes have been added:


These are in addition to all other codes that are already present in Annex 3 of the FEI Endurance Rules.
All FEI Endurance results submitted to the FEI in accordance with Art. 109.6 of the FEI General Regulations must use the accepted codes.
The various formats for result submission have been updated accordingly and you can find all relevant documentation on the FEI website here: 

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Marc Chovelon at marc.chovelon@fei.org or Aude Barby at aude.barby@fei.org