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Results forms for Endurance


Results format for 2019

Following the recommendation of the Endurance Temporary Committee and to support the work they are doing, we will study and analyse the recovery times at FEI Endurance Events.

Recovery Time is the time difference between the time the combination finishes a loop by entering the cooling area and the time when the horse enters the Vet Inspection area to be inspected and have its pulse checked. The recovery time is measured in minutes and seconds (mm:ss).

We will run this study during the first three months of 2019, all FEI Endurance Events that take place between 01.01.2019 and 31.03.2019 will be involved in this study. Attached is a list of all events that will need to take part in this analysis.

To assist us in this study, we will require the recovery time to be provided for all combinations and their relevant loops together with the FEI Endurance Results.


Results can be provided using the specific Excel format, XMLs and FEI Forms:

1) Excel version 1.0.16 can be found here and must be submitted by email to

2) XMLs can be produced and directly uploaded to the FEI Database or also submitted by email.

To produce this new XML format including the recovery times, we have provided the relevant new XSD which can be found here. 

(The old XSD can be found below).

3) FEI Forms can be used to submit the results, the recovery times must be typed in manually before submitting the results form online.



FEI Forms is an online results interface to upload event results:

The aim of FEI Forms is to be able to upload all Endurance event results directly, without sending the Excel Results Form via email.

The second aim is to simplify the process and that this platform can be used in all situations, with or without an internet connection.

All results will need to have a corresponding accepted entry in the FEI Entry System in order to be valid.

The FEI Forms Guidelines will help you use this results platform.



This XML format is more practical since this is a TEXT format and it is a very easy for the Organisers' IT partners to work with. This XML Format was made to automate results processing and facilitate data exchange between Organising Committees, National Federations and the FEI.

By using this format (XML results processing), you can submit the XML results files directly to the FEI web interface.

You will find the complete documentation by following this link: XML Format for Automated Results Processing.

  • XSD files
  • XSD Documentation
  • XML Examples
  • Guidelines about XML Format for Automated Results Processing



If you cannot produce XML files, please fill in the Excel format results file with all the FEI IDs for athletes and horses.



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