Eventing Updates 2010 

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Please find below the Eventing Update published in 2010

Eventing Update - 3 March 2010

Information to all National Federations regarding the registration of eventing Riders and Horses

Medical / Veterinary release for Eventing linked with FEI Registration riders/horses 08.04.2010:

In an attempt to improve risk management  in Eventing, the FEI has added a mandatory release of medical/veterinary information to the registration procedure for Eventing.

This release allows the FEI to collect and evaluate medical/veterinary data regarding injury and treatment information of you as an athlete and/or of your horse. This is being done to support the analysis of the exact types of injuries sustained in Eventing, the value of protective equipment, and the quality and nature of medical & veterinary services.

All such information will be treated as strictly confidential, and used primarily for production of cumulative statistics which will  assist us in continuously improving the risk management  of the sport. Thank you for helping us in this effort.


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