FEI Accessibility Handbook for Event Organisers

The first edition of the FEI Accessibility Handbook for Event Organisers is aimed at providing a systematic approach to making FEI Equestrian Events more accessible for para athletes and their support staff, spectators, media, volunteers and other stakeholders with disabilities. This includes ensuring all areas of the venue and facilities are fully accessible, providing dedicated and convenient car parking, providing disabled toilets at appropriate locations, ensuring information is readily available regarding accessible routes, services and facilities, and making sure volunteers are well briefed to provide information and answer questions.
While the FEI fully acknowledges that people’s functional abilities vary significantly and there is no one size fits all solution to enhancing accessibility at FEI Events, in producing this Handbook, it is hoped that the Organising Committees of all FEI Events will take the necessary measures to embed accessibility into all strands of Event planning and delivery.
Read the full press release here and discover the new handbook here.