Exchange Programme

The FEI, following the recommendation of the FEI Working Group on Officials, identified the need to support FEI Officials in getting access to international experience and in fulfilling their transfer-up requirements. For that purpose the FEI has developed a programme called:

Officials Exchange Programme (OEP)

The OEP programme provides financial support to FEI Officials in getting international officiating experience abroad by subsiding part of their transportation expenses.

The OEP programme is available to all FEI Officials on the basis of one request every two years per Official.

Requests must be submitted via the Officials Exchange Programme Application Form and sent to the relevant FEI discipline department or FEI Veterinary department for approval.


Officials Exchange Programme Application Form (last updated 17 January 2022)

Officials Exchange Programme Explanation (last updated 17 January 2022)

Expense Claim Form

Feedback Report