Dressage - How to organise a course

Dressage Courses

National Federations and FEI Officials will find all information concerning:

  • Course Organisation guidelines
  • Course Director list
  • Course/Seminar Calendar

All FEI forms are mandatory in the process of Course/Seminar application, verification and participation approval, as well as for promotion of FEI Officials.

Course Organisation Information

Course/Seminar Application
NFs must apply to the Dressage department for all Courses/Seminars that they wish to host using the below Course Invitation Templates. The deadline for submitting the invitation is set at 2 months before the Course date.

NF Application procedure to hold a FEI Regional Dressage Forum

Course/Seminar Application

Course Administration
Minimum Requirements
FEI Budget
Application Form

Dressage Course Directors List (please contact the FEI Dressage Department)

Online Education Calendar