F - FEI Knowledgebase - Event Organisers Guide

What is FEI Knowledgebase?

FEI Knowledgebase provides access to information, documents, photos and other resources to assist people involved in organising and delivering equestrian events and competitions.  It is an interactive library which will direct you to useful and relevant web pages and websites, as well as enabling users to download documents (venue plans, field of play layout drawings, templates, past event reports etc), and view photos showing all aspects of venue and facility design and event operations.

Who can use FEI Knowledgebase?

FEI Knowledgebase is accessed at http://knowledgebase.fei.org and is available for use by National Federations and Event Organisers. However it is only available using a login name and password. National Federations/Organisers can request login details by contacting knowledgebase@fei.org

Access to FEI Knowledgebase is restricted in this way and all information, documents and images are made available solely for internal use by National Federations and Event Organisers.  Nothing should be reproduced or transmitted by any process or means without the prior written consent of the FEI.

What information is available through FEI Knowledgebase?

Information and resources are available through two sections of FEI Knowledgebase:

  • Olympic, Paralympic and FEI World Equestrian Games
  • Event Organisers Guide

The Event Organisers Guide is particularly aimed at National Federations and Organisers establishing and running events for the first time.  It includes sections such as ‘Establishing an Event’, ‘People Involved with Event Organisation’, ‘The Venue’, ‘Invitations and Entries’ etc.

Although the ‘Olympic, Paralympic and FEI World Equestrian Games’ section is aimed at Organisers of these events, the articles within this part include information, documents and photos that may be of interest and use to Organisers of lower level events. This includes information on stabling, veterinary facilities and services, training facilities and horse inspections.

FEI Knowledgebase is constantly being developed with new articles being added and additional documents and photos being made available.

If you have any feedback or ideas about additional content you would like to see included please email knowledgebase@fei.org.