"Doctor's Pack" for Health Care Professionals

Dear Colleagues,

The FEI's “Doctor's Pack” contains documents to be used when providing medical care at FEI competitions. In addition you may need plans or maps of the venue and details (including telephone numbers) of local hospital and emergency services. Please also check your communications (radio and mobile telephone) before the start of the competition.

Medical providers should be familiar with the rules of the sport, which include the FEI General Regulations, FEI Anti-Doping Rules for Human Athletes as well as any discipline-specific rules regarding athlete care. These rules are available on the FEI’s website.

Please use the injury report forms and return them to the Technical Delegate or Foreign Judge at the end of the competition. Some FEI Disciplines have their own report forms, which must be completed for the Technical Delegate or Foreign Judge at the event to send to the relevant Discipline department at the FEI Headquarters.

All medical providers must be familiar with the concussion Information contained in this pack as well as the "Concussion Information for Health Care Providers” page of this website.

Best regards,

The FEI Medical Committee


The FEI’s general regulatory requirements on athlete safety and welfare are set out in the FEI General Regulations.

Additional discipline-specific requirements may be found in the relevant Sports rules.

Anti-Doping matters are regulated in the FEI’s Anti-Doping Rules for Human Athletes (ADRHA).

These documents can be found in the “Rules” section in the main menu toolbar of this website. Please use your cursor to select within the dropdown list.