Paris 2024 - Media Accreditation Information

The FEI has set up a dedicated platform and questionnaire for members of the media wishing to apply for sport specialist accreditation Es (sport specific journalists) and/or Eps (sport specific photographers) at the Olympic and Paralympic Games at Paris 2024. Simply click on the banner below

Please note this application process solely concerns the equestrian events of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and is specifically aimed at members of the media that have not been accredited through their National Olympic and/or Paralympic Committee.
Accreditation will be granted on the merits of each application, and it is not guaranteed.

Key milestones, process and dates for Paris 2024 Media Accreditation (Es and Eps)
1 February 2023
: FEI opens Media Accreditation Application Process for sport specialists (Es and Eps);
28 February 2023: Deadline for applicants to complete and submit their application;
1 - 20 March 2023: FEI to review, assess all applications and request further information from applicants where needed/relevant;
30 March – 7 April 2023: FEI to confirm application status (granted/denied) to all applicants;
7 April: Deadline for the FEI to submit the Press by Number Form directly to Paris 2024. The FEI will need to indicate the names of the successful sport specialist applicants (name of organisation), along with contact details and the type of accreditation (Es or Eps).  The name of the accredited individual will only need to be submitted during the Press by Name phase. The IOC and IPC will approve the IF selected sport specialist list;
17 May 2023: Final deadline for sport specialists to book press accommodation, if required, with Paris 2024 via;
23 October 2023 – 9 February 2024: FEI to collect, confirm and upload accreditation data for each of the successful applicants as part of the “Press by Name” phase, such as photo, passport information, etc;
From May 2024: Paris 2024 will send the Pre-Valid Cards (PVCs) to the FEI for distribution.

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On the equestrian events at the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games such as the schedule, qualification requirements, rules at play, etc, visit the dedicated hubs here

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