Jumping Owners Club

The Jumping Owners Club (JOC) is a representative body which has been created to provide a method of communication between horse owners and the FEI, as well as to provide a platform for owners worldwide to share their common passion of equestrianism. One of the club’s main objectives is therefore to open a communication port so that members can share their experience, and exchange ideas. The members can contribute to the various debates regarding the organisation, and regulation of top-level equestrian sport. Members also receive regular information through the Club’s newsletter and monthly updates. 

The JOC currently includes owners from a great number of countries around the world who receive the same updated information regardless of their location or attendance to events. Members are regularly invited to informal meetings or social functions throughout the year and are also invited to the annual Jumping Owners Club General Assembly which is held during a high-profile CSI 5* event. There are no rules regarding the criteria in terms of the number of horses owned or the level of competition at which they compete. What is important to the Jumping Owners Club is that it succeeds in attracting the most committed and involved owners. The quality of participation is more important than the level at which the horses compete and their levels of success. The club has a strong relationship with the FEI who initiated the idea. The Club has regular contact with the Jumping Department and can seek information when needed.

The club has a strong relationship with the FEI who initiated the idea. The Club has regular contact with the Jumping Department and can seek information when needed. Since 2016 JOC is a Stakeholder MOU of the FEI (see here) which allows JOC to have an active role within the FEI. JOC has regular contact with the FEI regarding its activities and common shared interests. 

Statutes (01 January 2021 - published 29 September 2021)
Membership Application Form 2021: click here to download the pdf version.

The Chairman of the club, Mr Dominique Mégret, is the long-time owner of Clarbec Stud-Farm, based in Normandy, France. Dominique and his wife Geneviève own many high-level horses, including former World and current Olympic team champion horses, under Pénélope Leprévost's saddle, and Mediterranean Games Gold and Silver medallists under Félicie Bertrand's saddle. An all-time equestrian sports enthusiast, show jumping rider at national level, Dominique Mégret also had a very successful professional career in the finance sector.

FEI Owner of the Year Winners
Year Owner Horse(s)
2021 Charlotte Söderström / Stuteri Arch H & M All In, H & M Christian K and H & M Indiana
2020 -- * -- *
2019 Luigi Baleri (SUI) Clooney 51 & Chaplin
2018 Luigi Baleri (SUI) Clooney 51, Chaplin & The Sinner
2017 Stuteri Arch, Mrs Charlotte Söderstrom (SWE) H&M All In, H&M Christian K and H&M Indiana
2016 Benoît Zimmermann (FRA) Chesall Zimquest
2015 H.M. Mohamed VI King of Morocco (MAR) Quickly de Kreisker
2014 Holsteiner Association (GER) Casall Ask
2013 Jane Clark (GBR) Cella
2012 Beverley Widdowson (GBR) Big Star (press release 23 July 2013)
2011 Beverley Widdowson (GBR) Big Star
2010 - 2009 - 2008 Eric Lamaze (CAN) & John Fleischhacker (USA) Hickstead
2007 Nancy Clark (USA) Shutterfly
2006 Serena Hamberg (AUT) The Sixth Sense
2005 - 2004 John, Pat and Lisa Hales (GBR) Arko III
* Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and low number of competitions, no trophy was attributed this year.

Note from the Editor
The aim of the Jumping Owners Club with FEI is to provide a service to the owners of horses participating at international jumping events. Indeed, the Jumping Owners Club with FEI has the following objectives:

  • To foster interest in the discipline of Jumping.
  • To provide members with information, advice and assistance on matters connected with the Jumping discipline in general.
  • To arrange discussions and meetings.
  • To afford members such benefits and privileges as it may be possible to arrange.