Session 2: TechQuestrian: going for gold

Session 2: Techquestrian Going for Gold

In the second session of the day, entitled ‘TechQuestrian – Going for Gold’, the FEI’s Technology and Sports Services (TSS) department presented a wealth of technology enhancements to the delegates. They highlighted their digital solutions, including the FEI World Challenges platform, FEI Database, and FEI HorseApp, in an entertaining and interactive way.

Some of the features unveiled across 10 of the FEI’s 36 digital platforms include comprehensive horse registration data protocols, horse document management and vaccination recording, tools which aim to simplify and provide efficient processes for horse owners and athletes.  

Updates to the FEI Entry and Invitation systems were also introduced, and the much-awaited launch in May of the online schedule for Jumping. These updates will streamline the management of competitions and entries, making it easier for organisers and participants to navigate the scheduling and registration process.

A key announcement was the progressive roll-out of  Equine Influenza vaccination recording for all FEI horses using the FEI HorseApp, where veterinarians will be able to access information on all the vaccinations they have administered to different horses, such as the horse’s name and ID, the course name, the administration date and the validation status. 

To address connectivity issues, they are working on an ‘offline mode’ feature, meaning it can be used even with no Internet access.

There will be a pilot phase in 2023 and a progressive rollout throughout 2024, with all FEI horses projected to have influenza vaccination details on the HorseApp by 2025.

The FEI TackApp was launched as the destination for all pieces of tack and equipment related to horses and athletes for all FEI disciplines. The app - which was created with the input of the FEI Equipment Expert Group - is a living platform that will continuously be updated with the latest information, providing a comprehensive, user-friendly database of tack and equipment.

The purpose of the app is to make the equipment, tack and dress guidelines easily available in a friendly manner for all the equestrian community.

Athletes, grooms, FEI Officials and other stakeholders can use the app to check if a specific piece of equipment, tack or dress is permitted or not at FEI Events.

The new FEI Hub was unveiled as a central place where users can access all 36 FEI online platforms.

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♦ Mr Gaspard Dufour - Director, Technology and Sports Services
♦ Ms Victoria Rydborn - Head of Service & Support, Technology and Sports Services Department
♦ Mr Jérôme Begey - IT Business Analyst, Technology and Sports Services Department
♦ Mr Francisco Alves - IT Project Manager, Technology and Sports Services