FEI Anti-Doping Rules for Human Athletes (ADRHA)

Welcome to this session hub dedicated to the changes to the FEI Anti-Doping Rules for Human Athletes (ADRHA). These changes, which for the most part are mandatory for the FEI under the World Anti-Doping Code (Code), will come into effect on 1 January 2021 and it is important for the entire equestrian community, and in particular National Federations, to be familiar with and prepared for the changes which will affect them.

We have extracted the key information necessary to help National Federations understand how these changes will impact their daily work and their processes in order to be compliant. And for everyone involved in the sport - from athletes and their support teams to medical officers - we have included checklists to help navigate through the transition phase with comprehensive fact sheets and summaries to ensure everyone has all the information at their fingertips to stay on track!

Note that this Sports Forum session pre-empts the customary Rules Revision process (click here) which gets underway on 13 July with the publication of the draft revised ADRHA for consultation with NFs and stakeholders in the build up to the FEI General Assembly 2020. More information can be found on this process in the first tab below “An Overview: Changes to the ADRHA”.  

If anything seems unclear, or if you need assistance to update your rules and policies, please contact Athletes Services & Human Anti-Doping Advisor Catherine Bollon for guidance.