Welcome to FEI Dressage Nations Cup™

In 2013, the FEI Nations Cup™ extended its wings to include Dressage with the existing FEI Jumping and Eventing Nations Cup™  series. Starting out with four trial events, the Dressage Nations Cup™ series has largely gained in popularity over the years, doubling the number of events.

Five events are part of the 2020 season which runs over five months – from March to mid of July – and will take us to places such as Compiègne (France), Rotterdam (NED) and Aachen (GER).

The FEI was founded in 1921 on the basis of the team competition, and series such as the FEI Nations Cup™ are integral to furthering and pursuing those founding principles as well as fostering the camaraderie, warmth and passion that go hand in hand with team competitions.