Hybrid Session Wellbeing of the Vaulting Horse – 3 November 2023

Hybrid Session Wellbeing of the Vaulting Horse

03 November 2023 (14:00 - 17:30 CET)




Registration is open to all members of the Vaulting community. Interested participants should contact their NF in order to be registered directly in the FEI Online Education Calendar (under Vaulting). The registration deadline is 20 October 2023. For any issues with registration please contact the FEI Vaulting Department. Once the registration deadline is passed, the registrations will be approved.
The link and intructions to join the Hybrid Session will be communicated to all registered participants after the application deadline.


For any questions, please contact the FEI Vaulting Department

Information and Agenda

As part of the FEI Vaulting Seminar which will be held in Salzburg from 3-5 November 2023, we are pleased to inform you that we organising a hybrid session dedicated to the Wellbeing of the Vaulting Horse. We strongly encourage the Vaulting Community to participate in this session and to join online. The session will take place on Friday 3 November from 14:00 to 17:30 CET and will include presentations as well as open discussions on subjects such as Horse Score 2024, FEI Veterinary Rules and processes, Horse Inspection, Training of the Vaulting Horse and Participative workshops, to name a few. 


Presentations and wrap-up of the session 

Horse Score 2024 Update

  • Highlight of the proposed changes of the 2024 Sport rules related to the wellbeing of the Horse.
  • Presentation of the new changes for the 2024 Guidelines in relation to the consideration of the Horse (CoH).

Veterinarian Rules and processesGöran Åkerström, FEI Veterinary Director

  • Clarification on the process of the Horse Inspection and the process of checking the Vaulting Horses during CVIs and Championships.

Horse Inspection and Sleip App - Elin Hernlund, Veterinarian, PhD and researcher in equine biomechanics, Founder of Sleip AI

  • Discussion and introduction of new technology which might assist Veterinarians during Veterinary inspections in the future.

Side Reins Research UpdateSophie Biau, Research engineer at Saumur (IFCE)

  • Update on the side reins research conducted by the IFCE with the support of the FEI and the FFE​