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Jumping is the best known – and probably most readily understood – of all the FEI disciplines and is one of the three Olympic equestrian sports, along with Dressage and Eventing. As in all equestrian disciplines, men and women compete on equal terms in Jumping in both individual and team events.

Jumping is a spectacular mix of courage, control and technical ability that takes horse and rider over 10 to 13 “knockable” obstacles, some of which may be double or treble combinations, with penalties incurred for each obstacle knocked down or refused. Jumping has also produced some of equestrian sport’s most memorable Olympic moments.

An example of this came in 1956 in Stockholm when Halla, still the only horse to have won three Olympic Jumping gold medals, threw her rider, Hans Günter Winkler, into the air after taking off for a fence too early. Winkler landed awkwardly back in the saddle, tearing a groin muscle in the process, but he knew that failure to continue in the competition would eliminate not only Halla and himself but the whole German team. He carried on valiantly despite being unable to give Halla direction, Halla completed the course without any faults, Germany won the team gold medal and Halla and Winkler the individual gold.

Winkler went on to become the only rider to win five Olympic Jumping gold medals, while household names associated with Jumping are Winkler’s fellow German multi-Olympic gold medallists Alwin Schöckemöhle and Ludger Beerbaum. Canada’s Ian Millar, meanwhile, equalled the record for the most Olympic appearances by any athlete in London in 2012, his tenth Olympic Games.

Latest Department Updates

  • 7 Jul 2023
    FEI Tack, Equiment and Dress Database and FEI TackApp

    Following the successful launch of the FEI Tack, Equipment & Dress Database and its mobile version the FEI TackApp, the FEI would like to provide the community with an update and clarification, following several queries received from different stakeholder groups.


    The FEI Tack, Equipment & Dress Database is still in its first phase of development, as tack, equipment and dress items are currently being entered into the system. This entails uploading existing tack, equipment and dress items with accompanying photographs and/or videos across all FEI disciplines and marking them as “Permitted”, “Not Permitted”, “Not Applicable”, with exceptions where required.


    Due to the high number of tack that is being used, or is attempted to be used, in FEI Competitions, this first phase of populating the Database will continue in the following months. Please note that pending items, which have not yet had their designation processed by the FEI, are temporarily marked as “Not Applicable (N/A)”. The FEI is currently developing an additional designation “Pending Review”, which will be used for those items so that the “N/A” designation can be used for items that are truly Not Applicable, i.e. not used in certain FEI disciplines.


    This first phase is the most time consuming and once concluded, the number of new items being uploaded to the Database will diminish significantly. Once the first phase is concluded, a thorough review will be carried out to ensure consistency across disciplines and a good quality of photographic and video content. Each time a new item of tack, equipment and dress is added or amended, it will appear in the “Recently Updated” section of the Database.


    Following an FEI decision, all “Not Applicable (N/A)” items which will be marked as “Not Permitted” items, will be uploaded into the Database only once a month i.e. on the first Monday of each month. These items will appear in the “Recently Updated” section of the Database. This will allow all stakeholders to acquaint themselves with any new item that may be relevant to them for upcoming competitions. At a later stage, the FEI aims to develop notification alerts which users will be able to activate for their respective discipline(s), when a new item (marked “Not Permitted”) is added. All other “Permitted” items will be uploaded into the Database on a regular basis. Together with items being amended during the final review, “Permitted” items will also appear in the “Recently Updated” section of the Database.


    The FEI will continue with developing new features of the FEI Tack, Equipment & Dress Database, to further enhance its practicality and usefulness. In the future, FEI Officials and others will be able to submit new items of tack, equipment and dress directly to the FEI via the FEI TackApp for review and eventual designation in the Database.


    In the meantime, we are grateful for your patience while the Database is being populated and perfected. We strive to make the FEI Tack, Equipment & Dress Database and its mobile version, the FEI TackApp, an essential, indispensable and user-friendly tool for FEI Officials, Athletes, their Support Personnel and other stakeholders. 

  • 4 Jul 2023
    Longines Ranking n°270 for July 2023 are now available

    The Longines Ranking n°270 for July 2023 have been published here.

    Harrie Smolders is jumping from the 8th to the 3rd place with Henrik Von Eckermann keeping his 1st place with the french rider Julien Epaillard for the 2nd place. However, notable updates in the new ranking include Kent Farrington and Shane Sweetnam entering in the top 10. 

  • 28 Jun 2023
    FEI Rules Revisions 2023

    The Rules Revision Process 2023 is well underway with the first draft of the proposed changes now available to National Federations and Stakeholders for review and feedback by 16 August 2023 prior to being submitted to the General Assembly for approval in November as per the timeline below: 
    1 March 2023
    National Federations and Stakeholders with whom the FEI has signed an MOU have the opportunity to propose Rules changes as per the FEI Periodical Rules Revision Policy.
    28 June 2023
    The FEI provides National Federations and Stakeholders with the first Draft of proposed Rules change.
    The 1st Draft of proposed Rules changes Memos as well as the Templates to provide feedback by 16 August 2023 can be found HERE. ONLY proposals submitted online on the Rules Revision Platform using the respective Templates will be accepted.
    16 August 2023
    National Federations and Stakeholders are given seven weeks to review the first Draft and the proposed amendments in this first Draft and make comments and/or propose any changes in relation to the first Draft.
    24 October 2023
    Final Draft of the proposed Rules changes is provided to National Federations and Stakeholders.
    20 November 2023
    Rules Session at FEI General Assembly in Mexico City (MEX).
    21 November 2023
    Voting of Rules at the FEI General Assembly.

    For more information on the FEI Rules Revision processes and timelines, click here.

    If you have any questions please contact the FEI Director Governance & Institutional Affairs at Francisco.lima@fei.org

  • 26 Jun 2023
    Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™, Launch Of Bid Process – North American League and Western European League

    The Bid Processes for the Qualifiers of the following Series: 

    • Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™, Western European League; and 
    • Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™, North American League

    for the Seasons 2024/2025, 2025/2026, 2026/2027 and 2027/2028 are now open.
    The Bid Processes for the following Series are also open: 

    • FEI Jumping Ponies' Trophy 
    • FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Youth

    Bids can be initiated by any interested party by uploading the Application Form (available to download via the FEI Online Bid Platform) to the FEI Online Bid Platform. All bids must be validated by the relevant National Federation via the FEI Online Bid Platform. The deadline to submit bids is Friday, 28 July 2023.
    The applicable bid process timeline is the following:
    Application Phase
    MONDAY 26 JUNE 2023
    Opening of the Bid Process 

    • Applications must be made via the FEI Online Bid Platform.
      • For the LFJWC - NAL, a Bid Guide is also available on the FEI Online Bid Platform.
      • For the LFJWC - WEL, no significant changes are planned for the Series for the upcoming seasons. If a potential new Organiser has questions about the LFJWC – WEL, please feel free to contact bidding@fei.org.
      • For the FEI Jumping Ponies' Trophy and FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Youth, a Bid Application Form is available.
    • Bidders must upload the relevant Application Form (available to download on the FEI Online Bid Platform) and any additional documents (photographs, presentations etc.) via the FEI Online Bid Platform when submitting their application.
    • All applications/bids must be endorsed by the relevant National Federation via the FEI Online Bid Platform.
    • A short tutorial on how to use the FEI Online Bid Platform can be accessed by clicking here

    FRIDAY 28 JULY 2023 
    Deadline for receipt of applications.
    All applications to be submitted by the FEI Online Bid Platform.
    Review of Bids
    The FEI reserves the right to create a shortlist of candidates based on its initial review of the Applications/Bids received. 
    END JULY 2023 
    Draft Host Agreement provided to (shortlisted) candidates. 
    JULY – AUGUST 2023 
    FEI and Jumping Technical Committee evaluation of shortlisted bid. 
    18 AUGUST 2023 
    Deadline for Host Agreement to be signed by Organiser and National Federation and returned to the FEI.

    29 AUGUST 2023
    Allocation decision* by FEI and announcement of the Organisers of the Longines FEI Jumping World CupTM, Western European League and FEI Jumping World CupTM, North American League for the seasons 2024/2025 to 2027/2028 and announcement of the Organisers of the FEI Jumping Ponies' Trophy 2024 (Qualifiers and Final) and the FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Youth 2024 (Qualifiers and Final).
    *The FEI reserves the right to allocate a Qualifier(s) at an earlier or later date depending on the progress of the application/review process.


  • 21 Jun 2023
    Elections & Appointments 2023

    The names of candidates vetted by the FEI Nominations Committee for the Elections & Appointments 2023 are available on Inside.FEI.org. For the positions to be elected by the FEI General Assembly 2023, the candidacy files can also be consulted.

    The open positions are:

    •    Chair of Regional Group III – Board Member
    •    Chair of Regional Group VII – Board Member
    •    Chair of Driving Technical Committee – Board Member
    •    Chair of FEI Tribunal
    •    Members of FEI Tribunal
    •    Member of Audit & Compliance Committee
    •    Members of Nominations Committee, all Regional Groups

    •    Member of Jumping Committee          
    •    Member of Dressage Committee
    •    Member of Para Equestrian Committee     
    •    Member of Eventing Committee      
    •    Member of Driving Committee      
    •    Member of Vaulting Committee            
    •    Members of Veterinary Committee
    •    Member of Medical Committee
    Should you have any questions regarding the FEI Elections & Appointments 2023, please contact the Director of Governance & Institutional Affairs, Francisco Lima.

  • 6 Jun 2023
    Course for FEI Officials applications 2024

    The FEI Sports and Veterinary Department would like to draw your attention to the application deadline to host FEI Transfer Up or CES (FEI Competency-based Evaluation System) Maintenance Courses in 2024.


    We kindly ask you to download the relevant application & budget forms, which can be accessed via the links provided below, and to send them to the FEI via the corresponding email address also provided below, no later than the 31 July 2023.

    Discipline Email Documents
    Jumping jumpingofficials@fei.org https://inside.fei.org/fei/your-role/officials/jumping/forms
    Dressage anna.milne@fei.org https://inside.fei.org/fei/your-role/officials/dressage/organise-course
    Para Dressage thya.moritz@fei.org https://inside.fei.org/fei/your-role/officials/dressage/ped-organise-course
    Eventing eventingofficials@fei.org https://inside.fei.org/fei/your-role/officials/eventing/forms
    Driving & Para driving@fei.org https://inside.fei.org/fei/your-role/officials/driving/course-organisation
    Endurance endurance@fei.org https://inside.fei.org/fei/your-role/officials/endurance/organise-a-course
    Vaulting vaultingofficials@fei.org https://inside.fei.org/fei/your-role/officials/vaulting/organise-course
    Veterinary veterinary@fei.org https://inside.fei.org/fei/your-role/veterinarians/education/organise-a-course

    Should you have any questions regarding the administration of our courses, please contact the relevant FEI Sport or Veterinary Department who will be able to assist you.

  • 31 May 2023
    Longines League of Nations Update

    FEI Jumping Committee unanimous on competition format proposal to be presented at FEI Board Meeting next week 
    As part of their annual in-person meeting, the FEI Jumping Committee gathered in Lausanne on 30 and 31 May to discuss, amongst other things, the Longines League of Nations Rules which are set to be presented to the FEI Board for approval next week and launched in 2024.

    Following the two days of productive meetings, the Committee have confirmed their unanimous support and enthusiasm for a concept which they believe will increase the attractiveness of the series for fans and non-equestrian spectators alike, providing the framework for sporting highpoints and ample opportunities for story-telling.

    The format they have devised consists of two rounds, whereby in the first round, all four athletes from all ten teams (and potentially the host nation) participate with the 3 best scores to count, followed by a second Round where the best eight teams compete in reverse order - carrying forward their penalties from the first round - however with only three athletes per team and no drop score.

    For the Final, the same format is applied, but with all eight teams qualified for the Longines League of Nations Final competing across both rounds, again, with only three riders in the second round and no drop score in the second round. This new format will be unique to the Longines League of Nations.
    “The FEI Jumping Committee unanimously supports this concept and we are excited for the future of the Longines League of Nations, and look forward to presenting this to the FEI Board next week.

    “This format is more transparent, and the second round with no drop score will really put every team to the test, as well as offering the fans and viewers with excitement and suspense throughout.

    “The consultation process has been extremely beneficial and it’s a real testament to strength of the Longines League of Nations product, that we have had this level of support and endorsement from all our stakeholders and stakeholder representatives throughout.

    • Stephan Ellenbruch, Chair of the FEI Jumping Committee,

    The formal proposal by the Jumping Committee for the Longines League of Nations Rules was the last important piece to the puzzle in the comprehensive consultation process, which has been underway since last October, to completely refresh the FEI’s oldest team series. Just last week, the FEI launched the bidding process while an official signing ceremony with the FEI’s Top Partner Longines confirmed their full commitment to the updated series framework which sees the top ten nations go head to head at five top events (locations to be confirmed following the bid process later this summer), leading into a Final for the top eight nations in a bid to secure the Longines League of Nations title. 

    Next steps for the Longines League of Nations include the submission of the Rules to the FEI Board for their approval at the in-person meeting on 6-7 June, followed by allocation of events to prospective Organising Committees as per the Bid Guide timelines.

    For more information on the FEI Jumping Committee – click here

    • Chair: Stephan Ellenbruch (GER)
    • Deputy Chair: Henrik Ankarcrona (SWE)
    • Diane Baxter (RSA)
    • Louis Konickx (NED)
    • Michael Stone (USA)
    • FEI Jumping Athlete representative: Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA)

    Relevant Media Updates:

    A sustainable future for the FEI’s oldest and most prestigious team series centre stage at Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Task Force Meeting

  • 3 May 2023
    Board Teleconference, 02 May 2023, Paris 2024 resolution

    The FEI Board held a teleconference on 2 May. The Paris 2024 resolution taken on this occasion is listed below.

    The Board approved the following appointments of International Technical Officials for the 2024 Olympic Games:

    Eventing Technical Delegate: Marcin Konarski (POL)

    Jumping Technical Delegate: Guilherme Nogueira Jorge (BRA)

    Foreign Veterinary Delegate: Dr Emily Sandler (USA)

    President of the Veterinary Commission: Dr Thierry Grisard (FRA)

    Member of the Veterinary Commission: Dr Juliana Freitas (BRA)

    Member of the Veterinary Commission: Dr Julius Peters (NED)

    Overall Chief Steward: Cesar Hirsch (VEN)

  • 3 May 2023
    Board Teleconference, 02 May 2023, Jumping Resolution

    The FEI Board held a teleconference on 2 May. The Jumping resolution taken on this occasion is listed below.

    Riders Tour Rules Season 2023/2024

    The Board approved the proposed Rules for the Riders Tour season 2023/2024.
    The document has been published on the FEI website here.

  • 2 May 2023
    Launch of the FEI Online Schedule for Jumping

    We are pleased to confirm that the FEI Online Schedule Platform is now ready to be used for all FEI Jumping Events taking place from 1 August 2023 onwards.

    This is the result of a successful Pilot Phase with the involvement of NFs and OCs for a selection of FEI Jumping Events since the beginning of the year.

    The FEI Online Schedule will:

    • Allow Organising Committees to provide all the necessary information regarding their Show to their National Federations.
    • Allow unified and precise schedule information, appointments and communication flow.
    • Allow Organising Committees to add questions/comments for their National Federation directly on the FEI Online Schedule platform.
    • Allow National Federations to correct, modify or suggest information to their Organising Committee.
    • Track all changes made to the schedule for transparency and follow-up.
    • Enable an easy submission of the schedule to the FEI for validation.
    • Permit the FEI to correct, modify or suggest changes to the schedule prior to approval and publication.
    • Save and track FEI Schedule information from one year to the next.

    Your National Federation Members responsible for Jumping schedules and entries will shortly be contacted with further detailed information and guidelines that they will need.

    The FEI Online Schedule has been operational for Eventing since 2021 and the FEI will continue to roll out this positive and useful platform for further disciplines in the future.

    For any questions related to the FEI Online Schedule, please don’t hesitate to contact: schedules@fei.org.

    For a recap on some of the FEI’s latest digital developments, you can watch in REPLAY the dedicated session TechQuestrian: going for gold from the FEI Sports Forum here and refer to all the FEI’s digital solutions at https://hub.fei.org/.