CSI Invitation & Past Rankings


Please find below the chart indicating which Longines Rankings must be used for the invitation of Riders in Jumping Events in 2018 along with procedure on how to retrieve past Jumping Rankings from FEI Database.

To be used for the invitation of riders in Jumping Events in 2018
Rankings No CSI3*and CSI4 * in Europe & CSI5* worldwide to be held in
October 2017 202 January 2018
November 2017 203 February 2018
December 2017 204 March 2018
January 2018 205 April 2018
February 2018 206 May 2018
March 2018 207 June 2018
April 2018 208 July 2018
May 2018 209 August 2018
June 2018 210 September 2018
July 2018 211 October 2018
August 2018 213 November 2018
September 2018 213 December 2018


In order to help apply these specific rules; the FEI IT Department and the FEI Jumping Department have created an online tool, the FEI Entry Viewer.


The Entry Viewer has been developed to help all Stakeholders apply the Jumping Invitation Rules. It is a simple to use table-like display showing all athletes in the Longines Rankings and it contains all events where FEI Invitation Rules are applied under weekly tabs.

Jumping athletes, National Federations, Organising Committee members and Jumping Officials will be able to log in with their FEI ID number and password and will be able to see:

  • which athletes are entered in which events
  • the status of the entries made
  • the number of potential entries that can be made before a specific athlete
  • the highest and lowest possible position of the athlete in question on the Invitation Waiting list


The FEI Entry Viewer is also live on the FEI SportApp, available on both Android and iOS devices.

Download your FEI SportApp now!


Should you need any assistance using this tool, please contact usersupport@fei.org.



All Jumping Rankings ranging from 30 June 2010 onwards are available online in FEI Database.

The procedure below will guide you through the search and download procedure:
  • Ranking / Standing Year: select the year, then
  • Ranking / Standing Number: select the ranking
  • Click on Search
The searched Rankings will be displayed (50 competitors per page), sorted by rank. Several options are then offered to you:
  • download the Rankings as displayed as a PDF document
  • download the Rankings listed in a different order* as a PDF document
* To sort by “Athlete”, “NF”, etc, use the title bar and the Rankings will be displayed in alphabetical order.
The above instructions can be downloaded as a PDF document here.
Note: Rankings ranging from No 114 (30 June 2010) onwards are available in FEI Database. Previous Rankings can be requested by contacting the Jumping Dept.