FEI Dressage European Championships U25 & Seniors

Venue Information
Date 07-12 September 2021
Venue Hagen (GER)
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Qualifications & Entries Informations
Qualification Criteria U25 Click here (N/A in 2021) Updated 23/04/2021
Qualification Criteria Seniors Click here
Certificate of Capability (only Seniors) Certificate of Capability will be obtained from the FEI Entry System as soon the Nominated list is validated.
Nominated Entries List U25 Click here - Published 10/08/2021
Definite Entries List U25 Click here - Published 24/08/2021
Nominated Entries List Seniors Click here - Published 10/08/2021
Definite Entries List Seniors Click here - Published 24/08/2021 - Updated 06/09/2021
2021 Champions
U25 Team GOLD - Germany
  SILVER - Nertherlands
  BRONZE - Sweden
U25 Individual GOLD - Semmieke ROTHENBERGER (GER) - Flanell
  SILVER - Raphael NETZ (GER) - Elastico
  BRONZE - Jessica POELMAN (NED) - Chocolate Cookie R.D.P.
Seniors Team GOLD - Germany
  SILVER - Great Britain
  BRONZE - Denmark
Seniors Individual GOLD - Jessica VON BREDOW-WERNDL (GER) - TSF Dalera BB
  SILVER - Cathrine DUFOUR (DEN) - Bohemian
  BRONZE - Charlotte DUJARDIN (GBR) - Gio