Eventing Task Force

Members of the Eventing Task Force
David O'Connor (USA) Chair of the FEI Eventing Committee
William Fox-Pitt (GBR) Eventing Athlete Representative
Catrin Norinder (SWE) FEI Eventing Director
Theo Ploegmakers (NED) President of the European Equestrian Federation (EEF)
Peter Bollen (BEL) President of Equestrian Organisers (formerly International Equestrian Organisers Association - IEOA)
in addition to the core group composed of
Sabrina Ibáñez (SUI) FEI Secretary General and Chair of the Task Force
Mark Samuel (CAN) FEI Vice President
Jack C. Huang (TPE) FEI Vice President
Gaspard Dufour (FRA) FEI Director Information and Sports Technology
Mikael Rentsch (SUI) FEI Legal Director
Francisco P. Lima (ESP) Director Governance & Institutional Affairs
Guillaume Dolivo (SUI) FEI Calendar Administrator