Education & E-learning

Anti-doping education
empowers athletes with the tools and skills to comply with the anti-doping rules and avoid unintentional doping violations. It’s an essential component of an athlete's sporting career.
Anti-doping education is equally essential for Athlete Support Personnel (ASP) (like coaches or sports physicians) and other "persons" (such as those who work in sport), because they are also liable under the anti-doping rules.
Athletes and their entourage must have updated, accurate knowledge about the following:

  • Definition of doping
  • The different categories of Anti-Doping rule violations (ADRVs)
  • Prohibited Substances and Methods List
  • Supplements (managing the risk)
  • What TUEs (Therapeutic Use Exemptions) are and how to apply
  • Testing procedures
  • Results management
  • Sanctions
  • Rights and responsibilities  

Educational resources
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  • E-learning
  • The FEI on-site education calendar
  • Webinar programs offered by WADA and the International Testing Agency (ITA)