Clean Sport for Humans - Anti-Doping Courses


Education builds the values necessary to maintain a doping-free environment. Knowledge is also essential to reduce the risk of unintentional doping. To avoid committing anti-doping rule violations, athletes and their entourage must have updated, accurate knowledge about the following:

Rules; Definitions of doping and anti-doping rule violations (ADRVs)

Prohibited Substances and Methods List

Supplements (managing the risk)

What TUEs (Therapeutic Use Exemptions) are and how to apply

Doping Control procedures

Results management


Rights and responsibilities

Athletes, coaches/trainers, medical personnel and sport administrators will find courses tailored to their needs on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)'s ADeL platform.

During 2018 the FEI will release anti-doping courses for athletes, Officials, and athlete entourage on the FEI Campus learning platform.