FEI Sports Forum 2015 - Supporting Documents 

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You will find below the supporting documents for the various topics discussed during the FEI Sports Forum on 27-28 April 2015 as well as the Presentations shown during the sessions.

Should you have any comments or remarks, we recommend you use the online discussion platform which is now available at www.fei.org/forum.


Monday 27 April 2015

Session 1 - WEG

Executive Summary - Evaluation & Future of the FEI World Equestrian Games New

Supporting Document

Evaluation & Future of the FEI World Equestrian Games


Presentation by Tim Hadaway, FEI Director Games & Championships

Presentation by Matthew Wilson, The Sports Consultancy

Presentation by Stefan Kürten, EBU

Session 2 - Olympic Agenda

Executive Summary - Olympic Agenda 2020 New

Supporting Document

Olympic Agenda 2020


Session 3 - Dressage

Executive Summary - Dressage Future New

Supporting Document

Dressage Future

IDTC views on Dressage Future

EEF views on Dressage Future 

NZL NF views on Dressage Future


Presentation by Frank Kemperman, Chair FEI Dressage Committee

Session 4 - Eventing

Executive Summary - Eventing Future New

Supporting Document

Eventing Future

NZL NF views on Eventing Future

ERA Open letter

ERA International Olympic format proposal, point breakdown I to III

ERA Response Table

EEF Eventing Working Group - views


Presentation by Charles Barnett, Former Chief Executive Ascot Race Course

Presentation by Giuseppe Della Chiesa, Chair FEI Eventing Committee

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Session 5 - Jumping

Executive Summary - Jumping Future New

Supporting Document

Jumping Future


Presentation by John Madden, Chair FEI Jumping Committe & Stephan Ellenburch, Member Jumping Committee

Session 6 - Non-Olympic Sports

Executive Summary - Non-Olympic Sports Future New

Supporting Document

Driving, Reining and Vaulting Future

Endurance Future


Para-Equestrian - Presentation by Ulf Wilken, Chair FEI Para-Equestrian Committee

Driving - Presentation by Karoly Fugli, Chair FEI Driving Committee

Endurance - Presentation by Brian Sheahan, Chair FEI Endurance Committee

Vaulting - Presentation by Emma Seely, Chair FEI Vaulting Committee

Reining - Presentation by Raymond Grether, Chair FEI Reining Committee

Session 7 - Reining Round Table

Executive Summary - Reining Round Table New

Supporting Document

Reining Round Table


Presentation by Bettina DeRham, FEI Director Reining


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