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FEI President focuses on unique qualities of equestrian sport at FEI General Assembly

22 Nov 2016

FEI President Ingmar De Vos opened the FEI General Assembly in the Japanese capital Tokyo today, delivering the keynote address to almost 300 delegates and focusing on the unique qualities of equestrian sport. “We all agree that we have the greatest...

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29 Mar 2017
Para-Equestrian: REMINDER - FEI Request Form for Non-Standard Compensating Aids

Making a FEI Non-Standard Compensating Aids Request

According to Article 8428.9 PED Rules athletes can apply through their NF requesting non-standard compensating aids for FEI Para-Equestrian Dressage competitions.

The request must be made by the Athlete’s NF and include:

  • The FEI Non-Standard Compensating Aids Request Form, completed legibly and in English
  • Reason for the request
  • Medical documentation
  • Aid description including materials, exact sizes and measurements
  • Photos from different perspectives, mounted and unmounted
  • Any other supporting material. All documentation provided must be in English.

Requests must be submitted to the FEI in writing with supporting material at least two (2) weeks before the day of the horse inspection for the event to which it will apply. The FEI will forward the request to the Compensating Aids Panel for further decision. The NF will be informed in writing by the FEI of the final decision and if the request has not been approved the reason.

All necessary information can be found published here and all request must be sent to the FEI HQ.

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