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Venue Information
Date22 - 27 August 2017
VenueGothenburg (SWE)
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2017 Champions
Individual Championships Test

Grade I
Gold - Julie Payne (GBR) / Athene Lindebjerg
Silver - Elke Philipp (GER) / Regaliz
Bronze - Rihards Snikus (LAT) / King of the Dance

Grade II
Gold - Pepo Puch (AUT) / Fontainenoir
Silver - Nicole den Dulk (NED) / Wallace N.O.P.
Bronze - Stinna Tange Kaastrup (DEN) / Horsebo Smarties

Grade III
Gold - Suzanna Hext (GBR) / Abira
Silver - Claudia Schmidt (GER) / Romeo Royal
Bronze - Erin Frances Orford (GBR) / Dior

Grade IV
Gold - Sanne Voets (NED) / Demantur
Silver - Manon Claeys (BEL) / San Dior 2
Bronze - Louise Etzner Jakobsson (SWE) / Zernard

Grade V
Gold - Frank Hosmar (NED) / Alphaville N.O.P
Silver - Sophie Wells (GBR) / C Fatal Attraction 
Bronze - Nicole Geiger (SUI) / Phal de Lafayette


Gold - Great Britain
Silver - Denmark
Bronze - Netherlands

Individual Freestyle Test

Grade I
Gold - Julie Payne (GBR) / Athene Lindebjerg
Silver - Rihards Snikus (LAT) / King of the Dance
Bronze - Elke Philipp (GER) / Regaliz

Grade II
Gold - Stinna Tange Kaastrup (DEN) / Horsebo Smarties
Silver - Nicole den Dulk (NED) / Wallace N.O.P.
Bronze - Alina Rosenberg (GER) / Nea's Daboun

Grade III
Gold - Suzanna Hext (GBR) / Abira
Silver - Steffan Zeibig (GER) / Feel Good
Bronze - Tobias Thorning Joergensen (DEN) / Bruunholms Caribian

Grade IV
Gold - Susanne Jensby Sunesen (DEN) / CSK's Que Faire
Silver - Louise Etzner Jakobsson (SWE) / Zernard
Bronze - Sanne Voets (NED) / Demantur

Grade V
Gold - Sophie Wells (GBR) / C Fatal Attraction Frank 
Silver - Frank Hosmar (NED) / Alphaville N.O.P
Bronze - Nicole Geiger (SUI) / Phal de Lafayette