Statement on reallocation of medals from FEI European Jumping Championships 2018 for Young Riders 

25 Jan 2019

Team and individual medals from the FEI European Jumping Championships for Young Riders in Fontainebleau (FRA) in July 2018 have been reallocated following a positive controlled medication case in the British squad.

Harry Charles’ horse Vivaldi du Dom (FEI ID 103ME29) tested positive to Lidocaine, a *controlled medication (not a banned substance) under the FEI’s Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations (EADCMRs).

As a result, Germany has been promoted to team gold and Great Britain drops to team silver. The Danish team, which claimed bronze, is unaffected by the redistribution of medals.

German athlete Cedric Wolf is now promoted to individual gold with his horse Cho Chang J, Austria’s Felix Koller and Captain Future 3 move up to silver, and the Dutch combination of Tristan Marchal and Sambucca will receive individual bronze.

The British athlete was given the option of accepting an **Administrative Procedure (Fast Track) or requesting a hearing before the FEI Tribunal.

Following confirmatory analysis on the B sample, which also proved positive for Lidocaine, the athlete this week chose to accept the Administrative Procedure, which means automatic disqualification of all results at the event, a fine of 1,500 CHF and costs of 2,000 CHF to include testing of the B sample, but no suspension.

The German, Austrian and Dutch National Federations have been informed today of the reallocation of the medals and will advise the FEI where they would like the medal presentations to be made.

Updated team and individual results from the Championships are available here. The Table of Administrative Sanctions is published here.

*The FEI’s Prohibited Substances List is divided into two sections - Controlled Medication and Banned Substances. Controlled Medication substances are those that are regularly used to treat horses, but which must have been cleared from the horse’s system by the time of competition. Banned (doping) substances should never be found in the body of the horse.

**The Administrative Procedure is defined in Article 8.3 of the FEI’s EADCMRs:

  1. For Adverse Analytical Findings involving Controlled Medication Substances, the Person Responsible and/or member of the Support Personnel (where applicable) may elect to have their case processed under the “Administrative Procedure” provided that:                                     
  1. No more than one (1) Controlled Medication Substance (including its metabolites or markers) is detected in the Sample;
  1. The Person Responsible and/or member of the Support Personnel (where applicable) and the Horse are first-time offenders (namely, no record of any EAD or ECM Rule violations, or violations of any predecessor rules) without any pending or concluded cases within the last four (4) years preceding the Sample which caused the Adverse Analytical Finding; and
  1. The Event during which the Sample was taken from the Horse is not part of the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games or World Equestrian Games.