When Tradition meets Technology: Pivo joins FEI as Official Training Technology Partner

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17 August 2023 Author: FEI Communications

Pivo Inc., the Silicon Valley based company behind the AI powered smartphone mount for the creation of hands-free motion tracked videos, has become the Official FEI Training Technology Partner. 

The Pivo Pod, an AI-powered smartphone mount and performance tracking tool, has become the equipment of choice for many equestrians around the world looking to improve their riding skills. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the mount works in tandem with a powerful application which can be downloaded for free on any smartphone.

"Today represents a significant milestone for Pivo, and we are pleased to join forces with the FEI, which shares our unwavering commitment to enriching the experience for equestrian enthusiasts worldwide," CEO of Pivo Ken Kim said.

"Pivo's journey has been an extraordinary one. We started with a versatile and fun product, which has now evolved into a specialised solution catering to a dedicated community who share a passion for equestrian as both a sport and a lifestyle at all levels.

“The equestrian community was quick to recognise Pivo’s potential and we were surprised and delighted when riders, both amateur and professional, embraced our technology. The community’s suggestions – provided through user-generated content on social media – were instrumental in shaping our specific line of Pivo products that now exists for equestrians.

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and this collaborative spirit and dedication have been pivotal in shaping Pivo into the powerful tool it is today. Our mission now is to help 'make equestrians the best version of themselves,' and this collaboration with the FEI is a testament to the realisation of that vision.”

Pivo has already made significant inroads in major markets, including France, Germany, the UK, USA, and Australia, where riders have wholeheartedly embraced this transformative solution.

The AI-powered smartphone mount and accompanying software is designed to detect the horse and rider, and ensure that the rider stays perfectly centred in the frame. And while the Smart Capture function allows riders to take photos of themselves through voice commands, the Auto Zoom and Auto-Alignment features guarantee the capture of smooth and seamless training videos.

It is also possible to make video calls with the Horse Tracking function, so that coaches can offer real-time feedback through remote lessons.

"Our collaboration with Pivo is proof that tradition and technology can come together easily to enhance the equestrian experience," FEI Commercial Director Ralph Straus affirmed.

"Pivo's commitment to providing riders with exceptional tools for improving sporting performances, while ensuring accessibility for every equestrian enthusiast, has added unique value to our industry.

“Over the years, Pivo has seamlessly integrated into the equestrian lifestyle, and has earned the trust and respect of equestrians around the world for the user-friendliness and adaptability of its products. As a company, Pivo has demonstrated a great deal of authenticity in its development style and a talent for simply listening.   

"The nature of commercial partnerships is changing, and the economic environment we are currently operating in requires a great deal of adaptability and flexibility. We are proud to be partnering with a company that is truly in tune with our community, has their ear to the ground with regards to what equestrians need and want, and is willing to take the necessary creative risks to be a game changer for our sport.”

With a passionate team of approximately 30 developers, Pivo is now looking forward to collaborating further with a broader cross section of the equestrian community, to seek insights to drive the development of their products.

From a development and growth perspective, Pivo is also considering ways to expand their team by welcoming skilled technicians with first-hand equestrian experience to steer the course of future innovations.

Watch the Pivo X FEI promo video featuring Merrylegs, the star of the upcoming Thelwell Movie, an onscreen adaptation of Norman Thelwell’s pony illustrations.

The Pivo Equestrian Pack is now available with up to 35% off at pivo.ai until 1 September 2023.

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