Sweden secures coveted spot among top ten in 2024 Longines League of Nations™

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15 January 2024 Author: Georgie Roberts

With the inaugural season of the Longines League of Nations™ kicking off in February 2024, over the next few weeks we will take a closer look at the 10 nations that have qualified to compete be the first to hoist the new trophy at the Final in Barcelona.

Today, #9 in the ranking, we talk to Sweden...

Always major equestrian competitors, the Swedish Jumping team has earned an esteemed position in the 2024 Longines League of Nations™, solidifying a formidable presence among the world's elite Jumping teams.

The Longines League of Nations™ series continues the prestigious global competition of the FEI Jumping Nation’s Cup™, bringing together the finest equestrian talent from around the world in a thrilling format that promises to excite spectators and competitors alike. Sweden's qualification demonstrates their ongoing skill and commitment, with their ultimate goal being “As always, to win as much as possible with the best horse-rider combinations, presented in a good way to always put the horse first,” according to chef d’equipe Henrik Ankarcrona.

This accomplishment adds to Sweden's recent string of Jumping victories, including their current titles as Jumping Team World, Olympic, and - most recently - gold at the FEI Jumping European Championship 2023 which they secured in Milan (ITA) last August. Here they beat the Longines League of Nations™ top qualifiers, Ireland, into second position, which certainly lines up an interesting 2024 series. 

Additionally, their stellar performance at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics earned them the prime podium finish and a fourth gold Olympic medal for their collection. This consistent dominance on the global stage reflects the team's dedication to the sport and their unparalleled ability to perform under pressure, so don’t underestimate their ninth place qualification: they are a team to back for the win in this exciting league, and when we spoke with Ankarcrona, he outlined the team’s plans for the 2024 series:

Sweden has a strong equestrian tradition.  How do you envision the Longines League of Nations™ contributing to the proud history of Swedish Jumping?

For Swedish Jumping, the FEI Nations Cup and championships have always been the pinnacle of our sport and what we believe is the very best way to get a good name as a Jumping nation, and I believe that this new league will carry on that history. Obviously recent successes speak to the cohesion of our team, and...

"I believe that this confidence and our attention to detail are a legacy that will bring us further success in this new series."

Henrik Ankarcrona


How do you believe that global representation inspires national pride among equestrians in Sweden, and do competitions like this encourage more spectators and potential equestrians to engage with the sport?

I believe the new Longines League of Nations™ format will engage both media and spectators alike; it makes it easier to follow and very exciting to see how it develops - and changes - from leg to leg towards the final. We are very proud to be one of the ten teams to take part in the Longines League of Nations™, for Sweden this means a lot and I’m sure this will encourage a lot of young riders to set their goals high, set the bar high, and work hard towards achieving the experience needed to participate in this league. This series is unique, so we also hope the media will pick this up and share the excitement building up towards a big final, which in turn creates enthusiasm and anticipation. 

Can you share any advice or words of encouragement for young riders who aspire to represent their nation in international equestrian events like this one?

If you are passionate about Jumping and dream of being an international equestrian or championship rider, there are two elements: First, and most important, is to love your horse and put their welfare above all else. Secondly, you need to work very hard. You need a drive, and you need to be open to learning and listen and look at the top riders. But the most important one to listen to is your horse. Learn to read them, and understand that they are the most valuable asset in our sport. 

Stay tuned with the FEI as the team prepares to join the top Jumping athletes and horses in the world for the Longines League of Nations™ 2024 series, as anticipation builds for another showcase of Sweden's prowess in the arena. This competition promises to be an electrifying display of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship, as the Swedish team aims to further solidify their legacy as equestrian champions. 

Be sure to catch all the action on FEI TV as the series kicks off in Abu Dhabi on 11 February.