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Statement from FEI President on #NoToHarmonization

Media updates
22 March 2017 Author: SGI

From the outset, let me state very clearly that the proposal to harmonise Jumping entry fees globally does not come from the FEI.

This is a proposal that has come from the Alliance of Jumping Organisers (AJO) following the FEI’s request for National Federation and stakeholder input on CSI/CSIO requirements.

The FEI has taken no position on this whatsoever. We are a democratic organisation and we need to consider proposals from all our National Federations and stakeholders and make them available for wider debate at the FEI Sports Forum.

Along with other input from our National Federations and stakeholders, this item will be part of the discussions at next month’s FEI Sports Forum. The debate will not just be about entry fees, but will be part of a much wider discussion on CSI/CSIO requirements. I hope it will be a frank and open debate, bearing in mind that it is our duty to keep our sport democratic and open to all.

Following the Sports Forum, the discussions will be evaluated by the Jumping Committee and the Bureau and I am confident that only proposals for which there is a broader consensus will be taken further.

It’s really great to see so much feedback on this issue, clearly demonstrating that the Sports Forum is a crucial platform for debate. And for those of you that can’t be with us in Lausanne on 10 and 11 April, the whole two days will be livestreamed on FEI YouTube and everyone will have the opportunity to be part of the discussion and share their comments with us.

We look forward to lively debate at next month’s event.

Ingmar De Vos

FEI President