Japan awarded Paris 2024 Olympic Eventing Team slot following reallocation from Olympic qualifier for Groups F&G in Millstreet (IRL)

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10 October 2023 Author: FEI Communications

The FEI has reallocated one of the two Paris 2024 Olympic team quota slots for Eventing delivered at the CCIO3*-L Designated Olympic Qualifier for Groups F&G in Millstreet (IRL) in June where Australia finished first and China second, following a positive Controlled Medication case for one of the members of the Chinese team, namely the horse Chicko (FEI ID 106MH02/CHN), ridden by Alex Hua Tian (FEI ID 10019301/CHN).


The reallocation of China’s team slot to Japan, who placed third at the event, is a consequence of the disqualification of the results for the Chinese combination, which sees China drop into fourth place on a finishing score of 207.2, while Japan moves up into second place on 125.7 and hence next in line for the second Olympic team qualifying slot on offer at Millstreet behind Australia.


In terms of the process, the horse Chicko, ridden by Alex Hua Tian, tested positive for the Controlled Medication Altrenogest on 2 June 2023, and following confirmatory analysis of the B sample, Hua Tian elected for the Administrative Procedure in accordance with art. 8.3 of the Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations. The consequences of this administrative procedure include the disqualification of the results obtained by the combination at the event, a fine of CHF 1,500 and costs of CHF 2,000 for the B sample. As this was an administrative procedure for a controlled medication violation, no suspension was imposed on Hua Tian.


The 14 National Olympic Committees which have qualified Eventing teams for Paris 2024 are therefore: France (host country), Germany, USA, New Zealand, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Italy and Japan. Two slots remain available for the two highest ranked teams from FEI Olympic Groups D and/or E, at the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago (CHI), from 26-29 October 2023 (excluding teams already qualified).


See Paris 2024 Eventing Qualification System and list of nations as well as where they earner their qualification here.


Notes to Editors:

What is an “Administrative Procedure” case?

If a horse’s sample is positive for a Controlled Medication Substance that was not taken at the Olympic Games or FEI World Equestrian Games™, and it is the first violation for both the Person Responsible and the horse, the Person Responsible will be offered the opportunity to take advantage of the Administrative Procedure (sometimes referred to as “Fast Track”). This means that they may accept to pay a fine of CHF 1,500 and costs of CHF 1,000 (the costs may be increased to CHF 2,000 if a B Sample analysis is requested) and, at the same time, waive their right to a Final Hearing before the FEI Tribunal. Both the Person Responsible and the horse will be disqualified from the entire Event at which the sample was taken, which includes forfeiting any prize money or medals, but no ineligibility period (i.e. suspension) is imposed. The Administrative Procedure is offered as a benefit for first-time minor offences. The Person Responsible has no obligation to accept it and may always insist that his case be heard by the FEI Tribunal. If the Person Responsible does not choose the Administrative Procedure, the matter will be referred to the FEI Tribunal, which will apply the sanctions provided for in the EADCMR (this means that the Person Responsible may be suspended and/or fined).

More FAQS regarding FEI Processes for EADCMR Procedures are available here