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12 April 2011
Media updates
12 April 2011 Author: webmaster

The FEI Bureau has approved the mandate for a Constitutional Task Force to oversee the establishment of an optimal governance structure for the FEI. The Task Force will present its findings and proposals on restructuring to the 2011 General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro (BRA) in November.

The National Federation-led Task Force will be headed by Akaash Maharaj, Secretary General and CEO of Equine Canada. The four members are César Camargo, President of the Colombian Equestrian Federation; Paul Cargill, President of Equestrian Australia; Kim Gueho, Secretary General of the Mauritian Equestrian Sports Federation and Ulf Helgstrand, President of the Danish Equestrian Federation.

The mandate for the Constitutional Task Force is to seek input from all members of the FEI to drive the effort and dialogue towards an optimal governance structure for the International Federation, with a view to maximising input and buy-in based on the needs of National Federations and stakeholders today and in the future.

The Task Force will begin its work immediately and will also have an interactive session with the National Federations on the afternoon of the Extraordinary General Assembly on 6 May. The first in-person meeting of the Task Force will be held in Lausanne on 7 May when discussion points from the previous day’s session will be collated.

The Task Force will be supported by the FEI Executive Board and will refer back to the Executive Board on a monthly basis, or more often if necessary. The Executive Board can provide guidance as required, including on such matters as models of other international governing bodies.

The Task Force will ultimately inform the Bureau of the timeline and format recognised by the members of the FEI as being most efficient and ultimately acceptable by the General Assembly at its next ordinary session in Rio de Janeiro (BRA) in November 2011.

Note to Editors: Biographies of all five members of the Constitutional Task Force are available at this LINK. Images can be found in THIS FOLDER.