Giving Grooms a Voice

The International Grooms Association (IGA) & The Grooms Consultative Group

The journey of paving a road for grooms in equestrian began in 2017, with the creation of the FEI Grooms Working Group, and what we see today is the result of a great deal of hard work and persistence. In 2021, the FEI Grooms Working Group evolved to become the Grooms Consultative Group, which is made up of Grooms, Owners, Athletes, representatives of Organising Committees, Officials, Stewards and National Federations. Its mission is to assist with the definition of a roadmap for the development of key structures for the Grooms community, including the creation of a Charter of rights and obligations for Grooms.

The Grooms Consultative Group is composed of 9 members:

Chair: Frank Kemperman (NED)

Members: Lucy Katan (GBR) Executive Director International Grooms Association (IGA)

Max Kühner (AUT) Athletes Representative

Peter Bollen (BEL) President Equestrian Organisers

Robin Parsky (USA) Vice President Jumping Owners Club

Chris Web (AUS) National Federation Representative

Susanne Maken (IRL) FEI Official, FEI Solidarity Tutor

Melina Jobst (GER) Jumping Groom

Jackie Potts (GBR) Eventing Groom


The IGA is an independent not-for-profit professional association, established to achieve greater representation and career recognition for grooms, as well as to improve their working conditions, especially at equestrian events where long hours are the norm.


The support provided by the IGA includes guidance on employment rules, answers to commonly asked questions on recruitment, a toolkit for grooms working freelance, and a job board, to name a few. A section on well-being on the IGA website, International Grooms Minds, will ensure that grooms also have a strong emotional support system in place to assist them in their daily work.


Grooms from all over the world can now become an IGA member through the Association’s official website:


At the FEI Sports Forum in 2022, FEI President Ingmar De Vos and Founding Director of the International Grooms Association™ (IGA) Lucy Katan have recognised the creation of the IGA with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Since, it has been a successful collaborative effort between the FEI and the IGA, to represent grooms and work towards giving them their well-deserved status within the equestrian community.


Read up on all developments here:

New reporting mechanisms to amplify the voice of Grooms

The FEI has created an online Reporting Mechanism to centralise the feedback from grooms attending international equestrian Events and to provide deeper insights into the needs and priorities of the community.


The Grooms Reporting Mechanism was created to raise the well-being of equestrian grooms, and to enhance their working conditions, welfare, and overall status in order to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for these dedicated professionals.


This mechanism not only fosters transparency and accountability but also cultivates a culture of continuous improvement within the FEI and with Organising Committees, ensuring that the welfare and working conditions of grooms are taken into consideration at every stage of the decision-making and planning process.



Key elements of the Grooms Reporting Mechanism include:

Integration with the FEI HorseApp: The Grooms Reporting Mechanism has been seamlessly integrated into the FEI HorseApp, allowing all Grooms with an FEI account to submit reports conveniently for all levels of Events, and in all disciplines. This integration ensures that reports are directly associated with specific events, enabling targeted improvements and tailored responses.

Multiple Reports per Event: Grooms have the flexibility to submit multiple reports, enabling them to provide ongoing feedback throughout the duration of the Event and two days after its conclusion.

Comprehensive Feedback on Event Amenities: Grooms can share detailed observations and evaluations of amenities provided at events, including facilities, accommodation, and other essential services.

Direct Reporting to the FEI: Reports submitted by grooms through the Grooms Reporting Mechanism will be shared directly with the FEI. The relevant FEI departments will carefully review and follow up on each report to address any concerns, initiate improvements, and ensure that the feedback is effectively incorporated into the organisation of future events.

By providing a space for grooms to express their opinions and concerns, they can have a direct influence on the decision-making processes that affect them and the FEI in turn can more quickly identify the key areas for improvement that will make the Event experience more comfortable and enjoyable for grooms.


Find out how to fill in a Groom report on the FEI HorseApp here.

Read the full Press Release here.

FEI Grooms Charter signed by Stakeholders MoUs

During the FEI Sports Forum 2024, the FEI together with a group of equestrian athletes, organisers, owners and officials stakeholder organisations signed the FEI Grooms Charter.

This document, which is built around the principles of horse welfare, integrity, education and safety, was created to ensure that grooms have the tools they need to provide the highest level of care for the horses in their charge, and that they are respected and supported in their role. This Grooms Charter is not the destination, but represents another step in the journey of providing this important group of people with the recognition and support they deserve. 

View the FEI Grooms Charter here.