04.05.2018 – Education of National Officials - 1st FEI Endurance Equestrian Sport Educative Event – Arbanasi (BUL)

On April 24-27 2018 was held the first Equestrian Sports Educative Event (ESEE) in the discipline of Endurance in Arbanasi, Bulgaria. The ESEE is a tool to educate National Officials which takes the form of a workshop delivered by two technical Experts – one FEI Judge and one Coach Educator - with theoretical and practical sessions for National Officials. Coaches and their pupils are also present in order to ensure a full understanding of the discipline at competition level and to gather the Endurance community. A total of 24 participants attended the event under the guidance of the technical Experts in the discipline of Endurance, Mr Jean-Louis Leclerc (FRA), and Mr Brian Dunn (IRL), Coach Educator involved in the FEI Coach Education programme. Amongst the Officials, nationals but also FEI 2* and 3* judges attended the event. The riders present were composed of Juniors, Senior amateurs and CEI 1*, CEI2*, CEI3* Athletes.

The theoretical sessions for Officials covered Endurance rules including among other things: definitions, categories of events, qualification procedures, veterinary inspection and examination. Coaches focused on mental and physical fitness of the horse and rider, feeding, shoeing etc. The practical sessions taught local Coaches how to teach Athletes to improve control and balance of their horses. The workshop successfully finished on day 4 with a national competition with a 40km and 30 km ride where all the actors had to play their role in competition conditions. The outcome after 4 days of workshop was very positive and promising, all participants made considerable improvement resulting in a high standard of riding skills. The next step will be the organisation of an FEI Level 1 Course for Endurance Coaches.

13.04.2018 - 2nd Driving ESEE in Slovenia

On April 5-8 the National Equestrian Federation of Slovenia organised the second Driving Equestrian Sports Educative Event (ESEE). The ESEE is a tool to educate national officials and it is the National Federation’s responsibility to certify its candidates. The 4 days’ workshop includes theoretical, practical sessions and ends with a competition on day four. A total of 20 participants, including 7 national judges, 8 coaches and 5 demo drivers took part in the event. The experts in the discipline of Driving, Mrs. Anne-Marie Turbé, FEI Judge (FRA) and Mr. Benjamin Aillaud, Coach (FRA) conducted the workshop. They have noticed a significant improvement in terms of technicality and personal involvement since the last course. The third and last ESEE will permit the National Federation to certify National Officials under the Experts’ recommendation.

18.09.2017 - FEI Solidarity honored at the International Longines Horse Show of Lausanne

On September 14-17 was held the second edition of the CSI5* International Longines Horse Show of Lausanne. In addition to CSI 5* classes, a CSI 2*, CSI 1* and U25 classes were also held during four days. On Friday, a CSI 1* class was "named" after the FEI Solidarity Programme and has been won by Jean Michel Faure (FRA).

10.08.2017 Cambodian riders at the Mondial des Clubs in Lamotte Beuvron (FRA)

On July 26, 27 and 28 was held the Mondial des Clubs in France’s Lamotte Beuvron. This international friendly competition is addressed to equestrian clubs coming from all parts of the world. This event takes place during the French Club’s Championship. The competition attracted teams from Algeria, Chile, Gabon, Great Britain, India, Italy, Ivory Coast, Luxembourg and France. The aim of this competition is to create a convivial event in which participants will share their equestrian experiences. Moreover, it allows young riders to taste the pleasure of international competition.

FEI Solidarity supported the identification, qualification and preparation (training) of the Cambodian young riders team in view of their participation in the Mondial des Clubs. The aim of this Solidarity project is to enhance the participation of Cambodian young riders in international competition. The outcome is a success, according to the Cambodian Equestrian Federation President’s Mona Tep “It was an amazing experience for our riders, for whom it was a dream to compete in France. They also met for the first time on a joint competition and could build nice team spirit which can promise us good future results.’’

22.05.2017 Jamaica’s 1st FEI Dressage Educative Event

On May 3-7 the National Equestrian Federation of Jamaica organized for the first time a Dressage Equestrian Sport Educative Event (ESEE). The ESEE is a tool to educate national officials and it is the National Federation’s responsibility to certify its candidates. The 4 days’ workshop includes theoretical and practical sessions.

A total of 13 participants, including national judges, coaches and demo riders took part in the event. One judge, one coach from Panama and one coach from Haiti have been invited to participate in the workshop. The experts in the discipline of Dressage, Mrs. Sylvia Luna de Spillari (GUA) and Mr. Gabriel Armando (ARG) conducted the workshop.

18.04.2017 First Level 1 course for Endurance Coaches - Athens (GRE) April 3-7 2017

The Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre, home of the 2004 Olympic Games hosted this inaugural Level 1  Course for Endurance Coaches. The course was held over 5 days and covered theory, practical sessions, and finished in a 20km test ride. Participants attending the course were from GRE 8, GBR 1 ,FIN 1, EST 1 and TUR 1.

The practical sessions included rider and horse balance, lateral work, paces, transitions and exercises for crewing of horse and rider, plus water crossings.

All coaches, riders and horses were all observed to make significant improvement throughout the course and much valuable experience learned. The final test was a 20km Endurance course where 8 competitors competed and tested the coaches in water point crewing and vet gate supervision of horse and rider.

This was a great start to the Endurance Coaching system and hopefully many more will be planned in the near future (Text by Brian Dunn).

20.03.2017 Farriers' training in Haiti

Farriers’ training in Haiti is an FEI Solidarity project involving the “Fédération Equestre Haitienne” (FEH), aimed at improving local Farriers shoeing knowledge via practical training delivered by a Technical Expert. This project is a joint venture of many actors, including World Horse Welfare (WHW). WHW is an international horse charity that improves the lives of horses around the world through education, campaigning and hands-on care. The FEH has started organizing training sessions since October 2016 and is planning to hold a total of 8 training sessions of 8-10 days. Until today, 3 training sessions have been organized, attended by 8 Farriers and 5 trainees under the guidance of the expert Mr. Chris Oomen (NED). In addition to the increasing number of new professional Farriers, the project is also creating job opportunities for several young men and women.

28.02.2017 Retraining of Racehorses in Assam, India

Retraining of Racehorses (ROR) is an FEI Solidarity programme aimed at educating local horse trainers on techniques used to retrain former race horses with the help of experts. The objective of the ROR programme in India is:

  • to develop equestrian sports in India (Assam) by educating riders and coaches
  • to increase participation in equestrian sport in India by providing a larger pool of suitable horses
  • to provide course participants with the necessary tools to retrain racehorses for equestrian sport
  • to train riders and coaches in a systematic and progressive way to produce horses to Elementary level Dressage / 1.10 m Jumping / FEI 1* Eventing
  • to eventually expand the programme to the whole India and other NFs in need

Two training camps have already been organized in Assam and have been a success under the guidance of the expert Mr. Anthony Lowry (IRL)

01.02.2017 Sports for All in Zambia

Sports for All in Zambia is an FEI Solidarity project involving the Zambian National Equestrian Federation (ZANEF), aimed at encouraging Zambian children to ride and learn about horses and at increasing the number of Zambian children participating in equestrian sport. Through this programme, ZANEF is able to give free lessons to the most disadvantaged Zambian children. The project has started in 2015 and 240 children have been involved. Some of the children are riding on average 8-12 hours a month but also competing in show Jumping and Dressage. The programme is a success, according to ZANEF ''There is no doubt that horses have changed the lives of these children for the better - providing a source of happiness and new opportunities''.

07.12.2016 Swaziland's 1st FEI Dressage and Jumping Educative Events

The National Equestrian Federation of Swaziland organized for the first time two Equestrian Sports Educative Events (ESEE) over the year 2016, one in the discipline of Dressage and one in Jumping. A total of 17 participants including coaches, demo riders and judges attended the Dressage event which ended with the World Dressage Challenge on day four. Mrs Natalie Hobday (RSA) and Mrs Caroline Potts (RSA) conducted the event. The ESEE in Jumping was attended by a total of 40 participants under the guidance of the experts Alexander Dominey (RSA) and Cord Cordes (NAM).

04.10.16 - 1st FEI Reining Educative Event

On September 13-16 was held the first Equestrian Sports Educative Event (ESEE) in the discpline of Reining in Thailand. The ESEE is a tool to educate National officials: judges, course designers and event organizers. It takes the form of a workshop delivered by two experts with theoretical and practical sessions for National officials involving coaches and their pupils. A total of 20 participants attended the event under the guidance of the experts in the discipline of Reining, Pierre Ouellet (CAN) and François Zurcher (SUI).

08.09.2016 - FEI Solidarity honored at the International Longines Horse Show of Lausanne

The first edition of the International Longines Horse Show of Lausanne is currently taking place with classes running all days on 8-11 September 2016 in the Olympic City of Lausanne, including a CSI5* GP class on Sunday. 

On this occasion, a class was "named" after the FEI Solidarity Programme. For more information about the event click here.

30.05.2016 - FEI Coach Education Programme - Endurance

The FEI Coach Education Programme is offering a coaching module in Endurance. The FEI Level 1 course for Coaches in Endurance is now available to NFs.

Further information on the application procedure can be found here.

26.04.2016 - FEI World Jumping Challenge Final - Rabat (MAR)

Lebanese athlete, Marek Maitala, swept to victory in the FEI World Jumping Challenge 2016 Final at Rabat in Morocco which, for the second year in a row, came down to a thrilling three-way jump-off for the medals yesterday. And it was a really close call, with Bermuda’s Philip Correia also producing three fantastic clear rounds in the closing competition, but having to settle for silver when fractionally slower against the clock, while the host nation’s Yassine Bennani claimed the bronze. 

This 15th edition of the Final, which was originally organised by PSI at the Kasselman Stables in Hagen, Germany back in 2000, attracted 22 riders from 18 nations and took place at the Dar Es Salam Equestrian centre which is home to the Fédération Royal Marocaine des Sports Equestres. The flags of Algeria, Bermuda, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jamaica, Lebanon, Morocco, New Zealand, South Africa, Syria, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and Zimbabwe all flew high, and competitors enjoyed a tremendously welcoming atmosphere throughout the tournament. . To read full press release click here

01.04.2016 - FEI Coach Education System - FEI Endurance Tutors' Course + Pilot Level 1 Course

In the framework of the FEI Coach Education programme, which was initiated in 2003, the first course for Endurance Tutors was organised in Istanbul, Turkey, on 16-22 March 2016. A total of five Tutors selected by the Endurance Committee gathered for an intense seven days of preparation and education. The Tutors were experts in the discipline of Endurance: Valerie Kanavy (USA), Penny Toft (AUS), Natalya Dolgikh (KAZ), Shanie Bosch-Fourie (NAM) and Brian Dunn (IRL). Full article available here.

28.08.2015 - FEI Coach Education System - First FEI Level 3 Assessment in Mexico City

On August 24, 25 and 26 was held the first FEI Level 3 Assessment in Mexico City. A total of 13 coaches were present at the Comité Olympico Mexicano to validate their Level 3. The coaches each presented their training plan, season logbook with a support video in front of the expert panel composed of: Jan Bemelmans, Jean-Luc Force and Jean-Philippe Camboulives. The panel was very impressed with the work presented which was extremely professional and of very high quality.  

12.08.2015 - Uruguay successfuly completed its first Grooms Training Programme 

Following the third and final session of the Grooms Training Programme the URU NF has successfuly completed its objective for this 1st training and participants were thrilled with the results and the numerous information acquired during the three sessions. To view the video click here.

12.03.2015 - Uruguay Grooms Training Programme with the support of FEI Solidarity

Uruguay is another example of how the FEI Solidarity has helped a National Federation with the development of the sport in its country. The URU NF is very active and has such has taken steps to benefit from the FEI Solidarity programme and will be organizing a series of workshop/seminars for their Grooms starting on March 16 2015. To view the information flyers click here.

06.02.2015 - New FEI World Jumping Challenge format

2015 marks a new era for this Development competition with a brand new format which among different things aims to increase the activity in the countries wishing to take part in the series. South Africa who has been organizing the FEI World Jumping Challenge for year is getting ready to start the season with its first event on February 28th. Organizers are well prepared, posting ads and looking forward to receiving many athletes (to see ad, click here).

05.01.2015 - COL NF Coaching Success Story

Since the launch of the FEI Coach Education Programme 10 years ago, we have seen many coaches grow through the system and acquire new competences and reinforce existing knowledge. Here you will find an example of how a National Federation has taken a step further; indeed, the COL NF is a great example of a success story for the FEI Coach Education. To read the article in Spanish, click here.

27.11.2014 - FEI Courses for Coaches in Bulgaria

The National Equestrian Federation of Bulgaria successfully organised two courses for coaches in November with the help of the Olympic Solidarity. The first course organise was a Level 2 course, which took place in Sofia on 4-9 November and was followed by a Level 1 course on18-21 November in Zhitnica.

Find full report on both courses here.

08.10.2014 - FEI World Dressage Challenge Zone 6 to conclude in Croatia

On September 27th, for the ninth year in a row, the FEI World Dressage Challenge took place at Zagreb's Hipodrome. This competition marked the end of the serie in Zone 6, which included the Czech Republi, Slovakia and Romania. To read more about the competition and see pictures, click here or check the results on our website under Events > FEI World Dressage Challenge. 

04.10.2014 - FEI World Jumping Challenge Final in Kyalami (RSA)

For the first time, the FEI World Jumping Challenge Final was hosted on the African continent. The competition was a great success and competitors returned home with wonderful memories and great achievements. Charley Crockart (ZIM) won the Final after a tight competition with the other 3 riders qualified in the Final 4. All riders shared 4 points at the end of their initial rounds (with all 4 horses) and had to result to a jump-off. To read full article, please click here and to view TV coverage click here.

25.05.2014 - The Yemen Equestrian Federation Organises its 3rd FEI Level 1 course for coaches

On 20-23 May, the Yemen Equestrian Federation with the support of the Olympic Solidarity and help of the FEI, organised their third course for equestrian coaches. The course was a success with 14 attendants. To read more about the course and see pictures, click here

07.05.2014 - FEI Dressage Educative Event

The Pilot course of the FEI Dressage Educative Event ended in Thailand on May 2nd. The Pilot took place in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Mrs. Alison King (HKG) and Mrs Larasati Gading (INA) conducted the course which aims to educate key players in the Dressage discipline (judges, coaches, riders and event organizers). To view the THA NF news update about this course please click here

14.04.2014 - FEI World Jumping Challenge Hong Kong

The 2014 Edition of the FEI World Jumping Challenge took place in Hong Kong on 12-13 April. The competition included all 3 categories and saw the victory of Natalie Walker riding Mountain Treasure in Category C (Caroline Holm 2nd on Bravery Luck and Lennard Chiang 3rd on Lok Wah Success), JC Leung riding Hot Pot in Category B (Eric Wei 2nd on Willem XXL) and Joachim Heidenreich riding Uncle Sam in Category A (Leung Oi Man 2nd on Noble Boss and Lennard Chiang 3rd on Namjong Smile). The HKG NF was very happy with the outcome of the competition and extended special acknowledgement to the wonderful work provided by the volunteers. For full results click here.

11.04.2014 - HRH Princess Haya talks FEI Solidarity

The April's edition of the FEI Focus online magazine features an interview of FEI President HRH Princess Haya in which she talks about FEI Solidarity, what it's all about and how it aims to help the global equestrian community. To watch the video, click here.

25.03.2014 – FEI Solidarity Applications for 2015 assistance

The application procedure for FEI Solidarity support 2015 is open. To apply, please consult the following documents in the FEI Solidarity Programme webpage:  Application procedure.

25.03.2014 – FEI World Jumping Challenge Final 2014

The FEI World Jumping Challenge Final will take place in Kyalami Equestrian Park, Kyalami, South Africa from 30 September - 5 October 2014

12.02.2014 - FEI Coach Education Programme: Updated Organisation and Financing Specifications table

With the introduction of the Level 3 Course for Coaches in 2014, the financing procedure for the FEI Coach Education Programme has been updated. The updated table and precedure is available here.


Two Workshops for coaches were organised at the CREPS (Centre de Resources d’ Expertise et de Performance Sportives) in Paris from 13 till 15 November 2013. These Workshops were open to NFs of FEI Groups I, II, III, VIII and IX (Central/Eastern Europe, Asia and South African region) part of the FEI Coach Education programme. All participants were Level 2 certified coaches according to the FEI Coach Education system.

The Workshops were attended by 27 coaches from 17 different NFs. The first Workshop on “Mental Fitness of the high performance Rider” was delivered by Liam Moggan (Coaching Ireland) while the second one on “Methodology of high performance Training” was under the responsibility of Jean-Philippe Camboulives (FEI Solidarity Officer and FEI Tutor).

The contribution of Pierre Durand, Gold Medallist in Show Jumping at the Olympic Games 1988 in Seoul, Korea, with his legendary horse Jappeloup was an ideal case study and a pertinent hour long introduction. All coaches valued this opportunity and unique moment during which Pierre Durand explained how from a “green” stage, himself and Jappeloup reached the ultimate goal of becoming Olympic Champions.

These Workshops were part of the selection process for coaches to enter an FEI Level 3 coaches course (click here for course profile) and organised by the FEI Solidarity Department.

16.08.2013- First Level 1 Course for Coaches in Vaulting

The FEI held its first Level 1 Course for Coaches in Vaulting last week in Bogota, Colombia. Priscila Botton (BRA) who delivered the course received excellent feedback from the coaches who attended the course from August 6 to 9, 2013. The interest for Level 1 Courses for Coaches in Vaulting is rising with at least two other courses planned before the end of the year. See course calendar for more information.

25.06.2013- World Jumping Challenge Final- Caracas (VEN)

After four exciting final rounds, Isabel Sanchez from Dominican Republic emerged victorious in the 2013 Final of the World Jumping Challenge, taking place at the Caracas Contry Club, Venezuela. Siengsaw Lertratanachai from Thailand won the Silver Medal. The third place was awarded to Philippe Burckel from Mauritius. Janine Khoo finished outside the medals due to her earlier elimination. The Best Horse award went to the brilliant Benala who stayed clear for all four riders on the final day. The complete results can be found on the following webpage.

19.06.2013- World Jumping Challenge Final- Caracas (VEN)

The World Jumping Challenge Final 2013 will be taking place from 18-23 of June 2013 in Caracas (VEN). 21 riders from 16 countries (ALG, ARG, COL, DOM, ESA, KSA, LIB, MRI, NZL, PAR, RSA, SIN, THA, TUN, VEN & ZIM) will be participating at this event. All necessary information can be found on the official website of the Final (click here)

23.03.2013-  Level 3 workshops

The first Level 3 Workshops, essential requirements to attend a level 3, took place from 18th to 20th of March 2013 in San José Costa Rica. In total, 30 South and Central American Level 2 coaches from 14 different countries (BRA, BOL, CHI, COL, CRC, DOM, ECU, ESA, GUA, HON, MEX PER, URU, TRI) attended two workshops on Mental Fitness of the Rider and on the principles and methods (planning) of Training in Equestrian Sports.The workshops were conducted by our well known moderator, Mr. Liam Moggan from Ireland (mental fitness) and by our FEI Solidarity officer, Mr Jean-Philippe Camboulives who is also one of our FEI Tutors (Training Planning). During three intensive days, all candidates actively participated in different exercices and taks with much enthusiasm and interest and demonstrating a great spirit of cooperation and friendship.

This team of level 2 coaches is now ready to participate in the first discpline specific level 3 courses which should take place in the second part of 2013.

15.12.2012- FEI Vaulting Tutor’s Course- Saumur (FRA)

From 10th to 14th of December 2012, the beautiful facilities of the ENE (Ecole Nationale d’Equitation) in Saumur hosted the first FEI Tutors’ course for vaulting tutors. The aim of the course was to educate a new team of tutors to conduct coaches’ courses in Vaulting.

Conducted by our moderator, Mr. Liam Moggan from Coaching Ireland, the beginning of the course was essentially spent in the conference room for theoretical sessions. It was the occasion for the new team to discover the role of the tutor through many discussions, funny games and group presentations. During the second part of the course, the group moved to the indoor arena to work first with a group of young vaulters from a regional club and then with more experimented vaulters from the “Pole France” high performance team. It was the time for all of them to apply what they learned and act as tutors.

The course was a huge success and our newly educated FEI Tutors left Saumur with good memories and great expectations for the future. The team is now ready to start tutoring the first courses worldwide.

25.06.2012- International Council for Coach Education

The International Council for Coach Education (ICCE) will be hosting the “Global Coaches House” in London during the Olympic Games.  I’m writing to invite you to participate and to share this information with coaches attending the games. Details on the various programs and activities can be found here.

The Global Coaches House will be open daily from July 27th to August 12th, and will offer a free open program of activities and the opportunity to meet with coaches from around the world. The “Games Ready” dedicated program will run in two cycles during weeks one and two of the games, and will feature speakers and workshops focused specifically on the challenges of successfully coaching teams in the Olympic environment.  It will be an invaluable opportunity for any coaches going to London to prepare for future Olympic or major event coaching roles.  Coaches interested in this program should contact Sergio Lara-Bercial at s.lara-bercial@leedsmet.ac.uk.