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Endurance Temporary Committee holds third in-person meeting

22 Feb 2019

The Endurance Temporary Committee held its third in-person meeting at FEI Headquarters today following yesterday’s meetings with stakeholders. Stéphane Chazel (FRA), member of the elected FEI Endurance Technical Committee, currently unable to...

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Endurance Temporary Committee meets with stakeholders at FEI HQ

21 Feb 2019

The Endurance Temporary Committee, set up by the FEI Board in October 2018 to review the discipline with the remit of bringing the sport back to its original roots of Endurance riding rather than Endurance racing, has met with a total of 26...

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10 May 2016
Endurance - Steward Manual
Please find here after the link for the new FEI Endurance Stewards manual:
11 Apr 2016
Endurance - Longines FEI World Endurance Championship 2016 - Re-opening of the bid process
Longines FEI World Endurance Championship 2016 - Re-opening of the bid process
The Longines FEI World Endurance Championship 2016 was originally scheduled to take place from 10-17 December 2016 at the Dubai Equestrian Club (DEC).
By decision of the FEI Bureau, the bid process will re-open to find a replacement venue outside the UAE for the Championship. 
It is expected that the Championship will now take place in September or October, so the qualifying period will be moved back by two months and results starting from September/October 2014, instead of December 2014, will now count for qualification.
The schedule of the new bid is as follows:
18 April: Re-opening of the bid. 
18 May: Deadline to submit applications.
14 June: Bureau decision.
The qualification criteria can be found here.
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