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Equestrian election fever: FEI President stands unopposed for re-election and over 50 athletes target eight sport posts

8 May 2018

Ingmar De Vos, who was elected as President of equestrian sport’s global governing body, the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) in 2014, is the sole candidate for this year’s Presidential election, which takes place at the FEI General Assembly...

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FEI extends global equine injuries research agreement with Glasgow University for further two years

19 Nov 2017

The FEI has extended its highly successful global equine injuries research partnership with the University of Glasgow for another two years through to 2019, to further develop the Global Endurance Injuries Study (GEIS). The extension will maximise...

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8 Mar 2017
Endurance - Open riders & Young riders World Endurance ranking 2016
We are pleased to announce the winners of the Senior and Junior categories for the 2016 World Endurance Rankings. 
Open Riders Word Endurance ranking
Maria Alvarez Ponton (ESP) – 1st winner Open Riders Word Endurance
Maria Alvarez Ponton has been competing since 2005 and has participated in more than 140 Endurance competitions. Apart from being ranked first in 2016, Maria, together with her horse Noby  has also won Gold in the following major competitions: 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington KY (USA), 2009 European Championship in Assisi (ITA) and 2008 World Endurance Championship in Lembah Bidong, Terengganu (MAS). 
Julien Lafaure(FRA) - 2nd place Open Riders Word Endurance
Julien Lafaure has been competing since 2005 and has participated in around 140 competitions and 9 Endurance World Championships.  
Saravia Pilar (URU) - 3rd  place Open Riders Word Endurance
Saravia Pilar started competing in CEIs in February 2016 and participated in around 30 competitions this year, achieving third place in the Open Riders World Endurance ranking. 
Luis Crucci & HLD Patron - Open Combination World Endurance Ranking & Open Horse World Endurance Ranking
Luis Crucci with his horse HLD Patron are the top partnership in the Open Combination World Endurance Ranking. At the same time HLD Patron also came top of the Open Horse World Endurance ranking.
Young Riders World Endurance Ranking (athletes 14-21 years old)
Constanza Laliscia (ITA)- 1st winner Young Riders World Endurance Ranking
Constanza Laliscia started competing in 2013 and has participated in around 50 competitions. She has also been ranked in the European Championship for Junior and Young riders 9th in Rio Frio (POR) in 2016 and 8th in  2014 in San Martino Buon Albergo (ITA).
Belen Mendez (URU) - 2nd  place Young Riders World Endurance Ranking
Belen Mendez has participated in around 40 international competitions since 2014. 
Valentina Mendez (URU) - 3rd place -Young Riders World Endurance Ranking
                                                  Young Riders Combination World Endurance Ranking 
As Mister (URU)                   Young Riders Horse World Endurance Ranking
Valentina Mendez started competing in CEIs in 2016. She was ranked third in the Young Riders World Endurance Ranking and won the Young riders combination too with her horse As Mister. At the same time, As Mister also won in his own category, the Young riders Horse World Endurance ranking. 
The full lists of the 2016 World Endurance rankings can be found here .
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7 Mar 2017
Endurance - Reminder FEI Officials


Dear FEI Officials, 
In November 2016 and in February 2017,  your National Federation has received a list of those Officials who need to take a specific action in order to remain listed as FEI officials, such as: 
- Attend a refresher seminar.
- Attend an Event.
If you would like to be informed if you were on this list, please contact your National Federation. 
We remind you that the deadline is the 15th of May 2017 for those who need to attend a course and end of the year for those who need to attend an Event. 
For those who don’t take action, they will be removed from the list until the action will be taken. 
In case you were removed and wish to be back on the list you will need to:
1) Take the action required, depending on your case.
2) Send an Application Form for Promotion equal to your lost status. 
We advise you to contact your National Federation for further information. 
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