Risk Assessment Tool FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Organising Committees (OCs)
FEI Policy for Enhanced Competition Safety during the Covid-19 Pandemic
("FEI Covid-19 Policy")
Risk Assessment
OC's Covid-19 risk mitigation plan
("OC Covid-19 Plan")
FEI Policy for Enhanced Competition Safety during the Covid-19 Pandemic
("FEI Covid-19 Policy")

What is the FEI Policy for Enhanced Competition Safety during the Covid-19 Pandemic (“FEI Covid-19 Policy”)?

The FEI Covid-19 Policy was adopted by the FEI in order to harmonise the return of international competitions during the Covid-19 pandemic, and contribute to the efforts that are made all around the world to minimize or reduce the spread of the disease.

The Policy requires that all organisers (OCs) of FEI Events accross the world use the same tool in order to evaluate the risk posed by their Event in terms of Covid-19 transmission. It also provides guidance for social distancing and hygiene measures in the context of FEI equestrian sport. 

What is in the FEI Covid-19 Policy?

There are mandatory and non-mandatory elements in the FEI Covid-19 Policy:

OCs NFs FEI Officials FEI
Complete the risk assessment questionnaire (Excel document) Help OCs. Read and comply with the OC’s Covid-19 measures for the Event. Obtain the OC’s risk assessment and Covid-19 measures.
Provide information on the Covid-19 measures at your Events (“Covid-19 risk mitigation measures”) Make sure OCs comply with their obligations. Provide feedback to the FEI if relevant. Publish the documents within the specified deadline.
Send the above to FEI by the specified deadline.     Remove from FEI Calendar the Events for which the risk assessment and Covid-19 measures were not provided by the OC despite reminders.
Apply the measures at the Event.      
Apply all FEI Covid-19 Policy "Best Practice Recommendations".      
N O T   R E Q U I R E D
    Enforcing the OC's Covid-19 measures at the Event.  
    Assessing the Covid-19 measures at the Event.  
What must OCs do to comply with the FEI Covid-19 Policy?
  1. Complete and send the risk assessment Excel document to the FEI. OCs must ensure they use the latest version of the questionnaire (as it is updated regularly) by downloading it from the FEI website every time they use it.
  2. Send the FEI relevant information about the Covid-19 measures that will apply at the event.
  3. Apply the measures at their Event.
  4. Use the updated Schedule templates for all future events, as they include wording on the Covid-19 Policy. Schedules prepared on the former version will no longer be accepted by the FEI.
Does the FEI Covid-19 Policy impose measures that OCs must apply at their Events?

No. At the Event, OCs must apply the measures imposed by the law in their country.

In addition, they can use the “Best Practice Recommendations” in the FEI Covid-19 Policy to identify ways in which social distancing and hygiene can be upheld in all activities at the Event.

Risk Assessment

What is the FEI Covid-19 "risk assessment"?

It’s an Excel document with questions which the OC must answer. Based on the answers entered, the formulas built in the document calculate the level of risk of the Event in terms of Covid-19 transmission.

The risk assessment wording sounds very formal…

This document was prepared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a tool for sport organisations. The language style is the one used by the international public health sector.

But the questions are in fact simple. They fall under two categories:

  • “What are the specifics of your event (Spectators? Single venue? Country with Covid-19 cases?, etc.)”; and,
  • “What are you planning in the Covid-19 context (sanitising measures, social distancing, communication, coordination with the local health facilities, staff training, emergency plan…).
My Event is not a “mass gathering”! Do I have to complete the risk assessment?

“Mass gathering” in the risk assessment context means any event that gathers people and as a result has a potential to contribute to Covid-19 transmission and burden the local health services. Please do not worry about this term – you can replace it in your mind with “Event”.
Please note that a "FEI version" of the risk assessment document will be available soon. The content will not change but the wording will be slightly adapted to make it feel more familiar to OCs and NFs.

Why do OCs have to complete the risk assessment?
To make sure that key elements have been taken into account in their preparations; and to give a “picture” of the Event’s overall risk in relation to Covid-19.
Do OCs have to do all the actions that are listed in the risk assessment’s “Mitigation Checklist”?

Not necessarily.

The checklist questions are there to see what OCs are doing to prepare for their Event. Depending on the Event and the country where it is held, some actions are more necessary than others (e.g. spectators/no spectators; local participants/foreign participants).

OC's Covid-19 risk mitigation plan ("OC Covid-19 plan")

What is the OC Covid-19 plan?
It’s the list of the measures which the OC will put into place at the Event in order to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission.
Can the information about the Covid-19 measures be inserted in the Excel document or in the Schedule, or does it have to be a separate document?

As the OC will most likely issue a document to communicate their Covid-19 measures to participants, the same document can be sent to the FEI.

The OC can also insert the information in the Excel document or in the Schedule if they prefer.

What is important is that the measures are communicated to the FEI.

Can I ask the FEI Officials appointed at my Event to apply and enforce the Covid-19 measures and/or sanction people who do not comply?
No. FEI Officials are not responsible for this. Please visit the FEI Covid-19 FAQ for further information on the responsibilities of FEI Officials with regards to Covid-19 measures put in place at FEI Events.