FEI Sustainability Handbook for Event Organisers

We are pleased to present you with the new version of the FEI Sustainability Handbook for Event Organisers.

Since we launched the first version of this handbook in 2014, a lot has happened and we have gained greater insights on Sustainability in general, as well as on how best to provide Event Organisers with a useful tool that contains content which can be actively implemented.

This is why, we have based our new handbook on the Global Reporting Initiative indicators, which are presented as practical initiatives in an easy to understand language. We have also regrouped the various initiatives under the different phases of an equestrian event’s timeline, ranging from Pre-planning (Event conceptualisation) to Post-event operations (Venue wrap-up).

You can discover all the functionalities, recommendations and ideas we propose in just one click by downloading the handbook right here.

We hope you will find this new FEI Sustainability Handbook comprehensible and easy to follow, and that it can accompany you in the successful and sustainable organisation of your event, every step of the way. Together, we can contribute to taking care of our planet Earth and who knows, it might be the only one with horses…