25 Jun 2024
Updated FEI Event Schedule policy regarding Officials

We would like to kindly remind everyone that all FEI Officials must have “passed” their annual CES Online Assessment to officiate at FEI Events.

The CES Online Assessment not only ensures integrity at all FEI Events, as well as the validity of the results, it is also testimony to FEI’s commitment in providing services of the highest standard to the athletes, the public and the sport.

In order to ensure that all FEI Events take place according the FEI Rules and Regulations, and to proactively prevent potential issues from arising during competitions, we have updated the FEI Event Schedule Policy.

As of 1 August 2024, the following FEI Event Schedule Policy will apply:

Officials must have “passed” their CES Online Assessment of the current year to be added to schedules of events taking place after the 31 March.

For information, the officiating/maintenance year runs from the 15 December of each year and until the 15 December of the following year.

  • Every year, from 16 December to 31 March (transition period), Officials with an open function can still officiate without having passed the annual CES Online Assessment of the current year.
  • Every year, from 31 March to 14 December (regulated period), Officials must have passed the CES Online Assessment of the current year to officiate, and to keep their function open.

You can find all information here on Inside.FEI.org.