22 Feb 2021
Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1 – neurological form) – Valencia (ESP)

The FEI Veterinary Department has been advised of an outbreak of Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) at the CES Valencia Spring Tour (ESP). It is likely that the disease has been transferred to horses that have attended the venue since at least 1 February 2021.
In accordance with the FEI Veterinary Regulations, Article 1029.7, horses that have attended Valencia since 1 February 2021 are blocked in the FEI Database and will not be permitted to enter any FEI Events until they have fulfilled the necessary testing requirements.
Any horse travelling with a fever is not only a potential carrier and therefore likely to spread the virus to all other horses in the transport, but is at increased risk of developing shipping fever or the more serious neurological form of EHV. It is also a violation of EU transport legislation to travel with a sick horse, except for transport to veterinary facilities. Only symptom-free horses should travel and horses leaving Valencia must have their temperature taken prior to travel.
We have informed the Organisers of the other Tours on the Iberian Peninsula of the situation and instructed them that they must not accept any horses that have been competing at Valencia.
Competition in Valencia will only resume once the venue has been declared clear of EHV.
All NFs with athletes and horses that have participated at Valencia since 1 February 2021 will shortly receive a separate communique outlining the measures that have already been taken and the measures that they personally need to take to help prevent the further spread of this virus.

An updated (February 2021) EHV factsheet is available here.