Olympic Games, Vet update 

14 Mar 2004

Athens 2004 Veterinary aspects 
Olympic Games

At the moment, the last preparatory phase for the 2004 Olympics has started.

Everyone will have heard that there are some problems with deadlines in Athens. However, the FEI is lucky in that much of the equestrian venue had already been completed some time ago. A last visit to Athens will be made by Prof. Jeffcott and Dr Sluyter in May to once more go through all veterinary matters from beginning to end.

Some organisational issues are:

1. The presence of racehorses at the venue for which a strict separation from the FEI horses will be implemented,

2. The veterinary infrastructure for the Eventing discipline, where the climatic conditions necessitate extra measures in the form of a very strong veterinary team, ice, misting fans, shadow provision and weighing scales to measure dehydration in the horses. In Atlanta one could easily see how hot the horses were by their sweating rates; in Athens, where it is much dryer, the sweating rates will be similar, but probably less visible by a strong evaporation,

3. Testing issues: the standard MCP structure will be implemented in Athens and a total of approximately 50 samples is expected.
Many other items will be reviewed and we hope that the Olympics will prove to be a tribute to Olympic equestrianism. This will be important for a secure future as a member of the Olympic family.


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