2004 FEI General Assembly: Paris (FRA), 16 - 21 April 2004  

12 Apr 2004

Some 90 NFs have announced their particpation to the FEI General Assembly 

Paris (FRA), 16 - 21 April 2004
Some 90 National Federations have announced their participation in the 2004 General Assembly of the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI). It will be hosted by the French Equestrian Federation presided by Mrs Jacqueline Rverdy.

The year 2003 was unusual in that the FEI, probably for the first time, had to cancel the General Assembly. This cancellation had a number of consequences; elected positions for 2003 were deferred until 2004. Members who were up for re-election or who were due to retire were asked to serve an extra year. Furthermore, the 2002 FEI accounts were accepted by the National Federations (NFs) by correspondence.

During the week from 16 through 21 April, 26 different meetings will take place, which represents the highest number of meetings ever organised in the framework of an FEI General Assembly.

The main discussion items this year will be:
- Revision of the Statutes and General Regulations, which are the organisation's fundamental documents
- Development: presentation of the 2002-2003 report. It has been a very satisfying year, during which the Challenge Series improved noticeably. Creation of a basic structure for developing NFs; creation of a universal structure for coaching by using competition oriented interactive adult education communications techniques.
- Affiliation: three new NFs will be presented for affiliation to the FEI - the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the Cayman Islands and Sri Lanka - thus bringing the number of FEI member federations to 133;
- Report by the Treasurer: approval of the 2003 accounts and presentation of the budget for 2004 and 2005;
- Elections and re-elections: Chairmen of Geographical Groups III, IV, VII, VIII, XI;Chairmen of the Driving, Endurance, Judicial and Children's Technical Committees
- Olympic Games, Athens 2004: last report by the Athens Organising Committee (ATHOC) before the opening of the Games in August 2004.
- World Equestrian Games, Aachen (GER) 2006
- Report by the World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses (WBFSH)
- Reports by the Technical Committees: disciplines and veterinary
- Presentation of the objectives of the newly created FEI Commercial Division

During the week, various other meetings will be organised. The Bureau composed of the chairmen of the technical committees and the geographical groups will convene before the General Assembly.

A Forum, which is an informal meeting between representatives of the NFs, riders and organisers associations and the Bureau, will also be held. This year's Forum will mainly be devoted to the revision of the FEI Statutes and General Regulations as well as the Vaulting discipline.

Three Workshops will also be organised:
- Development Workshop dedicated to Olympic Solidarity, FEI coaching system and FEI World Challenge.
- Veterinary Workshop: dedicated to health regulations and quarantine issues.
- Issues linked with the use of the French language

An exhibition prepared by the Association Voyage au Coeur de l'Olympisme in cooperation with the FEI will be inaugurated on Monday 19 April at 18h30.

A number of organisations the FEI closely cooperates with will send their representatives to Paris. The International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) will set a stand to present their organisation and provide participants with their latest documentation

The following organisations will also be represented:
- Olympic Solidarity;
- the Association of the Summer Olympic Sports Federations (ASOIF);
- World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA);
- the International Paralympic Equestrian Committee (IPEC);
- Organisers, riders and trainers' associations will also send their representatives

Samsung, sponsor of the Super League and Nations Cup Series, will also take part.

The FEI General Assembly meets to approve the agenda items within the functions and powers granted according to the Statutes, e.g. reports on elections, affiliations, budget, changes of statutes and regulations, proposals. Delegates are informed about the evolution and developments of the FEI (guidelines).

The Bureau Meeting consists of preparation of matters and decisions to be taken at the General Assembly and control of their implementation. The Bureau is responsible for the general direction of the FEI and for all relevant matters not reserved to the General Assembly or to other bodies established under the Statutes.

Group Meetings are exchange of views between NFs and Chairmen of Geographic Groups I to IX about structure, development guidelines, courses, seminars, support for shows, etc.

The Forum is an informal meeting between representatives of the federations, riders and organisers associations and the Bureau.