FEI launches second edition of Sustainability Handbook for Event Organisers

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22 March 2023 Author: FEI Communications

Following extensive consultation, feedback and review, the FEI has released the revised edition of the FEI Sustainability Handbook for Event Organisers.

First produced in 2014, the FEI Sustainability Handbook was created with the aim of aiding and encouraging equestrian event organisers with the implementation of sustainability initiatives that help reduce the negative environmental impact of events, and create a positive social and economic legacy for the host city.

“This second edition of the FEI Sustainability Handbook addresses the evolution in sustainability thinking and international policy since the publication of the first edition,” FEI Sustainability Manager Somesh Dutt explained.

“The main focus of this handbook is on measurement and data management, which are crucial in identifying areas for potential emission reductions in the organisation of FEI events.

“The Handbook is structured to accompany organisers at every stage of the event planning process and contains a list of initiatives that are each linked to one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

A signatory of the United Nations Climate Change – Sport for Climate Action Framework, the FEI works closely with its event hosts to adopt innovative green practices.

 “We started our sustainability journey with the intention of having sound environmental practices and decisions become part of the DNA of the equestrian community,” FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez said.

“Equipping our event organisers with the necessary knowledge to simplify the decision-making process on implementing eco-friendly initiatives was an important part of this process and this handbook has become the guiding text for our community’s sustainable efforts.

“We have seen some incredibly innovative environmental projects come to life over the years. But what has been more encouraging to see is the number of event organisers who now include sustainability thinking from the start of the planning process. Each of their decisions – including those related to contractors and sponsors – is taken to ensure the most efficient and environmentally sound use of resources.

“We are hopeful that this revised edition of the Handbook will inspire further innovation in our community. A sustainable approach to event planning is not only central to good governance and critical to building long term value for our sport, but also for the cities that take on the responsibility of hosting equestrian events.”

Click here to download the FEI Sustainability Handbook for Event Organisers.

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